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Synonyms for animate

Synonyms for animate

to make alive

to make lively or animated

to impart courage, inspiration, and resolution to

to arouse the emotions of; make ardent

to arouse to action or put in motion

marked by or exhibiting life

Synonyms for animate

give lifelike qualities to

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belonging to the class of nouns that denote living beings

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endowed with animal life as distinguished from plant life

endowed with feeling and unstructured consciousness


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The 38-year-old animator, who moved to Washington state when he was 9, recalled retaining ties with relatives in the Philippines.
We won the Oscar!' to my family and then I checked YouTube to see the Oscar acceptance speech and then watched the full backstage interview with my sons, Nicholas and Alex, and wife Angie, and when you (Hollywood Bulletin) asked about the Filipino animators and Peter Ramsey and Chris Miller mentioned my name three times, my jaw literally dropped!
" The proudly Filipino animator, who oversaw the film's story team (the group responsible for translating the script to its first visual form), shared the animation process at Walt Disney Animation Studios.
We even had an opportunity for our young readers to ask question from Pixar animators here.
Considerable investment in time and resources are needed in order to hone the skills of new animators. This dilemma is largely attributed to lack of training in relevant animation skill-sets of graduates and entry-level employees.
After characters are created, they are handed over to the animator. It is the animator's job to give each character its unique movements.
"In terms of doing a full animated series, it's something we can do, flawlessly," says Ola Oyo of Lagos-based Sporedust Media, which has five in-house animators. "We just need to have additional manpower."
Two Animators! LLP (2A!) is a full-service animation production and development studio.
Children and young adults interested in taking part are asked to submit a 60-second creative video that answers the question: Why do you want to take part in the Young Animators Award programme?
Summary: The Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) alongside Taaleem, and The Animation Chamber, a grassroots animation collective, announced details of an inspirational new initiative, the Young Animators Award.
Particularly talented animators who end up working in Hollywood for the likes of Dreamworks or Disney can expect significantly more.
Multimedia artists and animators must use humor and technology, such as CGI (Computer-Generated Images) or computer code to create visual effects and animation for television programming, movies, and many other forms of media.
Using nationality as its point of departure, the book summarizes significant works of animation, influential animators, and the animation industry in the context of volatile social changes, including the rise of fascism, the development of technology, and the two world wars.
His advice to animators, therefore, was "to follow your passion, talk to people to learn more and find opportunities and never to give up.
My advice to aspiring animators is to be confident and be certain this is what you want to do.