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We knew we'd unearthed some really exciting projects within the Animated Shorts Scheme and the high demand for the films in the festival circuit is proof enough that we've backed some really special films,' said Gaynor Messer Price, short film and new talent manager at Sgrn Cymru Wales.
This second edition of animated shorts will take viewers on a journey through America with stories about an indomitable Sunday school teacher and a strong-willed grandmother remembering late-life adventures as a Bloomingdale's detective.
Craig `Spike' Decker and Mike Gribble began Mellow Manor Productions in the 1970s to promote underground bands with retro animated short films.
Chris Landreth's Bingo is a five-minute animated short that demonstrates the new features of this software.
Weston Woods Studios has been reproducing children's books into animated shorts as a complement to classroom reading instruction for nearly 50 years.
Around this time, I timidly called the NFB's New York office, and asked if they had any "information" on their animated shorts that I could read.
The NFB's most recent Oscar nominations came in 1992 for the animated shorts "Blackfly" and "Strings.
From indie 3D animated shorts created by first-time filmmakers to advanced pipeline compatibility for professional film or video game production; the rise of studios equipped with iClone is fueling the Reallusion real-time revolution.
This is basically a collection of old Disney animated shorts sandwiched between the action in Mickey's club and given a villainous theme to make it perfect for Halloween.
McLaren's innovative experiments and techniques resulted in a number of brilliant animated shorts (Begone Dull Care, Blinkity Blank), and while his work is sometimes naive (films like A Chairy Tale and Neighbours accentuate McLaren's unconscious oversimplification of social injustices), there is no denying McLaren's enormous influence and inspiration as both an artist and teacher.
Warner Home Video (WHV), Hearst Entertainment and King Features Syndicate have reached an agreement for the exclusive worldwide home entertainment distribution of both the classic Popeye theatrical animated shorts and the Popeye made-for-TV animated shorts.
The festival, set for March 1-11, honors outstanding emerging filmmakers, documentaries, live and animated shorts, screenwriters and cinematographers.
As animated shorts, CLONE WARS is the perfect content to watch on an iPod," said Tom Warner, Senior Director of Marketing for Lucasfilm Ltd.
CyberWorld 3D'' also features an IMAX 3-D rendering of a scene from ``Antz'' and some fantastic animated shorts that will undoubtedly inspire wonder.
With the generous support of The William Gillespie Foundation, the Festival will present a unique collection of live action and animated shorts, Shorts for Shorties on Saturday, April 22nd at 11 a.