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com/whats-more-exciting-than-overwatch-more-overwatch-anim-1741288560) Kotaku , more animated shorts are forthcoming.
The animated shorts will be promoted through a series of video banner advertisements on a variety of English and Spanish language web sites.
The animated shorts are being promoted through a series of video banner ads on BabyCenter, which reaches 80% of all new and expectant mothers in the United States as well as direct-to-consumer e-mails through BabyCenter.
A longtime staffer at the National Film Board of Canada, the Montrealer's film "Walking" was nominated for an Academy Award in the category of animated short in 1969.
We knew we'd unearthed some really exciting projects within the Animated Shorts Scheme and the high demand for the films in the festival circuit is proof enough that we've backed some really special films,' said Gaynor Messer Price, short film and new talent manager at Sgrn Cymru Wales.
Bitchy Bits, her series of animated shorts, has begun airing on the Oxygen network, Oprah Winfrey's new cable channel.
Admittedly, shorts, particularly animated shorts, are "ghettoized" at a feature-film event.
Bush Bites - Animated shorts featuring real audio clips of the president's most public malapropisms
Opening for these films were animated shorts such as Betty Boop and Superman.
Around this time, I timidly called the NFB's New York office, and asked if they had any "information" on their animated shorts that I could read.
From indie 3D animated shorts created by first-time filmmakers to advanced pipeline compatibility for professional film or video game production; the rise of studios equipped with iClone is fueling the Reallusion real-time revolution.
Antelope Valley's answer to Cannes and Sundance runs next weekend: more than 60 feature films, documentaries, videos and animated shorts produced by filmmakers from as far away as China.
McLaren's innovative experiments and techniques resulted in a number of brilliant animated shorts (Begone Dull Care, Blinkity Blank), and while his work is sometimes naive (films like A Chairy Tale and Neighbours accentuate McLaren's unconscious oversimplification of social injustices), there is no denying McLaren's enormous influence and inspiration as both an artist and teacher.
Warner Home Video (WHV), Hearst Entertainment and King Features Syndicate have reached an agreement for the exclusive worldwide home entertainment distribution of both the classic Popeye theatrical animated shorts and the Popeye made-for-TV animated shorts.
Weston Woods Studios has been reproducing children's books into animated shorts as a complement to classroom reading instruction for nearly 50 years.