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After some minor detours, Disney finally developed a successful formula by adding a synchronized soundtrack to the animated shorts.
According to a report from ( Kotaku , more animated shorts are forthcoming.
The animated shorts will be promoted through a series of video banner advertisements on a variety of English and Spanish language web sites.
As a key element of this effort, J&J is introducing a series of online animated shorts to promote its iconic brand, Johnson's Baby Lotion.
More than fifty animals appear in animated shorts and stories, from ants and herons to poodles and fish.
This paperbound reprint of the 1998 hardcover (by the same publisher) contains entries for 1614 animation films, arranged alphabetically into three sections: full-length films, features with animated sequences, and animated shorts. A synopsis, the director, credits, and voices are included whenever relevant, and more lengthy discussion accompanies all 180 of the full-length features.
Saturday evening at the Isabel Bader theatre there was a Landreth retrospective that screened his earlier, lesser known shorts as well as Ryan Larkin's (the subject of Ryan) two influential NFB animated shorts, Walking and Street Musique, which was followed by a Q&A hosted by critic Cameron Bailey.
The Sudbury native says the series will feature the best of the best of a field of animated shorts uploaded at
RYAN This nominee in the animated shorts category depicts the life of bisexual animator Ryan Larkin, who was himself a nominee in 1970 for the short film Walking.
The dysfunctional family started life in 1987 as animated shorts on the Tracey Ullman Show, but in 1989, the endearing, bright yellow characters gained their own series.
"The Simpsons" began as a short feature in the comedy-variety program "The Tracey Ullman Show." In 1989, after these animated shorts had became more popular than the rest of the "The Tracey Ullman Show," FOX gave "The Simpsons" its own time slot, allowing considerable latitude to develop the show's unique voice.
The Welsh shorts were produced as part of the Animated Shorts Scheme, supported by Sgrn Cymru Wales and S4C.
Superman will also appear in animated shorts that will air during "DC Nation" on Cartoon Network and the Man of Steel will also be a character in the upcoming "Infinite Crisis," a "free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena" video game.
Larkin worked as an animator at the NFB headquarters in Montreal from 1963 to 1977, and, during that time, he directed a series of acclaimed, award-winning animated shorts, notably "Cityscape," "Syrinx," "Walking" and "Street Musique."