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Synonyms for animation

Synonyms for animation

Synonyms for animation

the condition of living or the state of being alive

the property of being able to survive and grow

quality of being active or spirited or alive and vigorous

the activity of giving vitality and vigour to something

the making of animated cartoons

general activity and motion


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The Annies and the Academy Awards have had a mixed track record in their animated feature category.
Raven Moon's partner Gina D and the Transistor Sisters, the Movie, LLLP can produce high quality Disney-Pixar style G-Rated animated feature films for around $5 million per picture utilizing MG Studios in Orlando, Florida," DiFrancesco said.
Only 10 films, including Japan's ``Steamboy'' and the little-seen ``Gulliver's Travel,'' were qualified for inclusion in the best animated feature category.
Reached at the television market at Cannes, Joan Borsten, president of Films By Jove, the international Russian animation distributor, noted that the deal was significant, beyond the intrinsic popularity of Cheburashka, because it represented the first foreign purchase of remake rights from the rich and extensive award winning library of Russian animated features.
Robin Williams, though, handing out the animated feature trophy, chided Disney: If the company loses Pixar, he said, ``All you're going to have is a Muppet and a water slide,'' referring to the company's recent acquisition of the Muppets franchise.
Hollywood and Wall Street analyst Hal Vogel congratulated the company on these recent appointments, "These executives bring a wealth of experience to CritterPix and will help put the company on the fast track of production for its first animated feature.
Last week Disney shut down production on its animated feature ``A Few Good Ghosts,'' which was to be a mix of traditional and computer-generated animation, citing creative problems.
But I really can't remember an animated feature in which the voice work sounded so accomplished, redolent with emotional subtleties and crack comic timing.
The Credit Agreement provides for a $125 million, five-and-a-half year, secured revolving credit facility to fund part of the production and marketing costs of IDT Entertainment's first six CG (computer-generated) animated feature films.
Most recently, Hahn served as executive producer of Disney's 2000 animated comedy ``The Emperor's New Groove,'' and producer of the 2001 animated feature ``Atlantis: The Lost Empire.
Proceeds from this offering will be used to expedite development of its planned 2nd CG animated feature movie, HOLLYWOOD VERMIN.
And there was one for the art crowd right off the bat: Hiyao Miyazaki's ``Spirited Away,'' the long-shot anime masterpiece from Japan, which overcame its four more-commercial animated feature challengers (yes, even the bomb ``Treasure Planet'' did better box office).
Additionally, Mainframe is working on several new high-profile projects, including a new series of "Hot Wheels" adventures for Mattel, currently airing on Cartoon Network, and the recently announced co-production for a CG animated feature based on Marc Brown's popular "Arthur" children's property.
Kubsch has produced major animated feature films, as well as visual effects and character animation for dozens of live action pictures.
In an announcement that underscores his aggressive entry into the animated feature film arena, LAIKA Chairman Phil Knight has greenlit a second feature film project in less than a week.