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an imaginary person represented in a work of fiction (play or film or story)

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As the Square Enix game uses Disney animated characters, Conli endeavored to make sure those characters were done right.
In a statement on the website Ronaldo said: "In the same way football connects cultures and people around the world, I believe great animated characters and heroes can do the same and that's why I am excited to bring together these passions of football and superheroes through this project and share it with my fans."
The patent also describes an option that enables users to say certain words during a recording session and they would be mouthed by the animated characters. 
In the last few years, he's lent his voice to animated characters, continues to perform live, and now, according to A.V.
"I | T'S a small world" contains the largest number of Audio-Animatronics figures in a Disneyland Park attraction with more than 275 animated characters, 45 animated toys and 240 animated props.
There's a selection of animated characters to match your mood, from Talking Tom-style cats to dancing robots, each of which auto lipsyncs to a recording of your voice.
All advertisements posted by Google show animated characters that look similar to animated characters from "South Park".
The latest Disney on Ice show was a hit from start to finish, as Mickey and Minnie Mouse introduced the action and segued us between the movie worlds of some of the most beloved animated characters of screen over the last century.
Which two animated characters featured in the film The Wrong Trousers?
The movie features the popular animated characters loved by children: Amal and her brother Saleh.
POSTGRADUATE acting students in Birmingham will now have the chance to perform alongside animated characters on Europe's largest static green screen.
The delightful animated characters of Puffer the avian reporter and his artist friend Polly act as guides; their animated sequences interleave with vivid examples of ceramic art.
Celebrities, annoying jingles and animated characters may be corny but they still work, according to the list.
Children are always among the helpless and most vulnerable victims of crisis, but to Tomomi, animated characters can put smile on their sad faces.