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a film made by photographing a series of cartoon drawings to give the illusion of movement when projected in rapid sequence


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In 1937, the animated cartoon character Daffy Duck made his debut in the Warner Bros.
The result is an animated cartoon character that looks and sounds like the user and delivers the user's personal message.
The Nelly Nut Show" is an exciting interactive experience on television that allows children to call into the show, appear in real time as an animated cartoon character, and compete against other kids in wacky games from the comfort of their living room.
The lyrical video contains animated cartoon characters, which express the whole concept of song.
Banderas plays a good villain, but the obvious difference between the animated cartoon characters and his reality is jarring, and there's never a moment where you believe the two are interacting as one cohesive whole.
The show focuses on Welsh animated cartoon characters that have appeared in their own books and comics, as toys, on cereal bowls and even bubble bath.
All cards can be personalised and many feature cute animated cartoon characters who will say anything you want them to.
He revealed the campaign used a novel approach to generate cleanliness awareness through two animated cartoon characters, Sameer and Azooz, who constantly find themselves in tricky situations while disposing of their waste.
Fans of Gorillaz - made up of animated cartoon characters - will have to wait a little longer to see how the live show works.
By combining interactive touch features with original, animated cartoon characters, we believe the story will be brought to life in a unique way that is both entertaining and educational for kids AND parents," remarked creator Thuong Pham.