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Animalia thinks that this procedure increases the amount of animal testing carried out in the country and also creates a problem for free trade, reported the Finnish news service STT-FNB.
Ovid next enumerates the inhabitants of earth and their places of habitation (2.15-16), a section that parallels and expands upon the cosmogony's account of the world's animalia (1.72-75): for example, 2.15, terra viros urbesque gerit silvasque ferasque, develops 1.75, terra feras cepit.
Financial support from Animalia and Nortura is gratefully acknowledged.
The first portion provides an excellent background about the kingdom Animalia, including its distinguishing features, classification system, evolution, adaptations to different habitats, and groups that are of particular conservation concern.
Animalia, an animal protection organisation, has said that it hopes the incident will raise a debate on the feed and conditions for foxes at fur farms.
Impressed by the determined struggle of the Dutch against recurrent floods and the ever threatening sea, he aptly describes them as amphibians, "Mortales ipsi eque propemodum in aquis ac in terris degunt, it a ut amphibia quam rerrestria animalia venus dixeris." Among much else, he comments on their use of horses (mares, to be precise), which they employ mainly for drawing carriages ("equarum servicio ad currus trahendos, quorum in Olandia frequens usus est, magis utuntur").
COMMON NAME: BURMESE SPITTING COBRA CLASSIFICATION EXPLANATION Kingdom: Animalia Cobras are members of the animal kingdom.
Recent research would have shown that the Parva animalia are later than the De anima (Viviana Cessi).
ille tigrim rabie soluet pacique domabit, quaeque alia infestant siluis animalia terras iunget amicitia secum.