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Synonyms for therapy



Synonyms for therapy

the systematic application of remedies to effect a cure

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"The results suggest that animal-assisted therapy can have a positive effect on the social behavior of patients with brain injuries," concluded Karin Hediger, lead researcher of the study.
Effectiveness of animal-assisted therapy: A systematic review of randomized controlled trials.
Hanlon, "Animal-assisted therapy at an outpatient pain management clinic," Pain Medicine, vol.
The effects of group and individual animal-assisted therapy on loneliness in residents of long-term care facilities.
The WCC program brings new meaning to the healing power of animal-assisted therapy.
No other animals will be permitted in VA facilities, unless they have been granted specific exception for activities such as animal-assisted therapy or law-enforcement work.
Other animals won't be permitted in VA facilities unless expressly allowed as an exception under the regulation for activities such as animal-assisted therapy or for other reasons such as law enforcement purposes.
"This program registers pets for animal-assisted therapy. It's a very rigorous program.
Boris Levinson is often credited as a pioneer in use of animal-assisted therapy (AAT) (Rossetti & King, 2010).
Handbook of animal-assisted therapy: Theoretical foundations and guidelines for practice (3rd ed.).
In a review of animal-assisted therapy, we found as many as 20 different definitions and 12 different terms, including animal-assisted therapy, animal-facilitated counseling, pet therapy, pet psychotherapy, pet-facilitated therapy, pet-facilitated psychotherapy, pet-mediated therapy, pet-oriented therapy, animal recreation, pet visitation, and others [19].
Since then, children and vulnerable adults have spent time with River as part of an animal-assisted therapy programme.
of Rostock, Germany), the co-founder of the International Society for Animal-Assisted Therapy, and other experts on the subject present an in-depth review of empirical studies on the human-animal bond.
But Norman's normal job is providing animal-assisted therapy (AAT) in care homes, private hospitals and schools to improve patients' social, emotional and cognitive well-being.