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Synonyms for therapy



Synonyms for therapy

the systematic application of remedies to effect a cure

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Animal-assisted therapy with female inmates with mental illness: A case example from a pilot program.
Define animal-facilitated therapy (AFT), including its alternative terms animal-assisted therapy (AAT) and animal-assisted activities (AAA).
We excluded the term therapy in this category label in deference to existing and widespread acceptance of the distinction between animal-assisted therapy and animal-assisted activity [8,53].
Descriptive analysis of animal-assisted therapy programs in the metropolitan Milwaukee area.
Of the 381 who included animals in their interventions, 86 include animal-assisted activities such as visiting elderly people, 143 do animal-assisted therapy (that is, animal is part of treatment plan), and 49 include animals in inpatient residences.
The TASK Manual was peer-reviewed by nationally recognized leaders in child protection and animal-assisted therapy, as well as agencies that have effectively incorporated therapy animals to benefit child victims and witnesses.
Evidence suggests that animal-assisted therapy (AAT) can have a positive effect on a patient's psychosocial, emotional and physical well being," said Julia Havey, RN, study presenter and senior systems analyst, Department of Medical Center Information Systems, Loyola University Health System (LUHS).
Our mission is to work with dedicated volunteers and their pets to provide animal-assisted activities and animal-assisted therapy services to individuals of all ages with physical, social, emotional and cognitive needs in healthcare facilities and educational programs.
For that reason, animal-assisted therapy using dogs has become an accepted part of care in nursing homes.
Living with pets helps elderly people avoid loneliness, and animal-assisted therapy using dogs has become an accepted part of care in nursing homes.
Animal-assisted therapy, also known as pet therapy, animals as helpers, and pet-facilitated therapy (Dattilo, Born, & Cory, 2000), may be used to help clients maintain and/or increase functioning in the physical, social, cognitive, and emotional domains through specific goals and objectives (Janssen, 1998).
In addition, Gawlinski has contributed to the body of knowledge on the therapeutic effects of adjunctive interventions, such as animal-assisted therapy and communication boards for the acutely and critically ill.
Chandler's proven clinical experience in the crisis and noncrisis aspects of animal-assisted therapy (AAT) afford yet another perspective for CVJ readers who are concerned with personal and professional values in counseling.
The duo are part of the People-Animal Connection, the animal-assisted therapy program that pays visits to more than 400 critically ill children and adults each month at the medical center.