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Synonyms for species

Synonyms for species

a class that is defined by the common attribute or attributes possessed by all its members

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Some experts have argued that these caged animal species in the zoos have their natural ways of living distorted and eventually destroyed.
Several experts who should know have expressed their considered opinion that the constant company of certain animal species leaves an indelible mark on an individual.
The experiment was conducted as a 3 (fodders) x 2 (animal species) factorial design.
For this reason, the OIE considers that it is sufficient to certify the healthy state of animals for international trade during the relevant period before their exportation and maintains its position that no specific measures, including laboratory tests, are required for international trade in live pigs and other susceptible animal species and/or their products.
COUNTRYSIDE: I really enjoyed the article "Food independence takes on new meaning for this urban Florida couple." However, I was alarmed to read that they have brought in exotic animal species such as Cuban lizards, Cuban tree frogs, etc., for pest control.
Also featured are articles that focus on the role of risk factors for introducing zoonotic diseases, such as monkey-pox associated with domestic trade in certain animal species and human behavior as a risk factor for exposure to avian influenza in Vietnam.
"I was put on this Earth to promote conservation so people can protect wilderness areas, love wildlife, and feel energy, passion, and enthusiasm for our beautiful native animal species," Irwin told Science World in a 2002 interview.
This work seeks to amplify the artificial nature of these encounters and to prompt reflection on the impact we have on other animal species and their habitats.
As a lifelong livestock farmer, I appreciate your concern for sustaining various animal species ("Consciousness and Conscience," June/July 2006).
(1) Improved health and greater longevity has been linked to the human relationship with other animal species.
The comeback of the coyote is an anomaly among animal species, and Reid's tenacity in her search matches coyotes' determination, as they've now moved back to many places they were originally driven from and extended into areas they never inhabited before.
Though rare, the interbreeding of different animal species does occur in nature.
Students study species cards that explain how some plant and animal species are in decline because of loss of habitat--habitat that was converted to cropland.
The testis is a sensitive marker of cadmium exposure; cadmium-induced testicular necrosis is common across all studied animal species having testes.
The Northern snakehead fish is a little different from the 388 animal species currently listed as endangered: Federal guidelines say the invasive Asian species is a major threat to native wildlife, and the Virginia state government asks anglers who find one to "kill it humanely with a blow to the head." Nicknamed the Frankenfish, the snakehead is capable of breathing air, slithering over land, and surviving three days outside the water, magnifying its ability to move from one habitat to another.