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Synonyms for species

Synonyms for species

a class that is defined by the common attribute or attributes possessed by all its members

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Knowing all, man still persists in practices that are not at all fair to the animal species.
Given the dominance of invertebrate animal species in the biosphere, more invertebrate pathogens will likely emerge as agents of human infection.
This work depicts a time in the future when a number of different animal species have been lost or are under threat in the wild.
Students study species cards that explain how some plant and animal species are in decline because of loss of habitat--habitat that was converted to cropland.
The Northern snakehead fish is a little different from the 388 animal species currently listed as endangered: Federal guidelines say the invasive Asian species is a major threat to native wildlife, and the Virginia state government asks anglers who find one to "kill it humanely with a blow to the head.
The Receptor Mimic Technology for gastrointestinal diseases of pigs and potentially all other animal species.
8 million-acre area that "contains significant Mayan ruins and is home to hundreds of exotic plant and animal species, including the largest jaguar population outside of the Amazon," AP said.
Almost 440 million years ago some 85 percent of marine animal species were wiped out in Earth's first known mass extinction.
A is for Ark: Noah's Journey is an alphabet book that combines the basic letters with the Biblical tale of Noah's voyage to save all the animal species on Earth from a great flood.
Examples of research areas appropriate to this PA include, but are not limited to, projects to 1) expand the number of nonhuman animal model systems in which embryonic stem cells are available; 2) identify, isolate, culture, and characterize multipotent stem cell populations derived from nonhuman embryonic stem cells; 3) identify, isolate, culture, and characterize multipotent stem cells from postfetal tissue types; 4) generate and use panels of markers for stem cell attributes common across species for use in characterization and isolation of stem cells in a range of animal species or tissues; and 5) create universal methods of culture to maintain the undifferentiated state of embryonic or other characterized multipotential stem cells across nonhuman animal species.
However, the agency indicated the data would be more helpful in tracking antibiotic use -- and possible antibiotic resistance -- if they detailed, for example, how much antibiotic was used in the production of each food animal species.
Unlike Art Spiegelman's Maus, in which oppressed and oppressor are signified by specific animal species (Jews are mice, Nazis cats), Griffin's art relies on ambiguity; only the suggested narrative situation determines who is villain or victim.
The preserve protects vernal pools, which support one of the area's rarest species, the San Diego fairy shrimp, and is home to more than 65 plant and animal species, including 18 highly sensitive species.
Once fully in place, this network should ensure that the best examples of the Community's important natural habitats as well as the habitats of important plant and animal species are properly conserved and protected.
Formed by volcanic activity thousands of years ago, this park is home to more than 80 rare or endangered plant and animal species.