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a building where birds are kept


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AN animal sanctuary has launched a bid to re-home two dogs who have been left homeless after their owner died in a motorbike crash.
The Three Ring Ranch Exotic Animal Sanctuary in Kailua-Kona is the only exotic animal sanctuary in Hawaii.
Stan Johnson is to use his retirement money to help Rainbow Ark Animal Sanctuary, in Willington, County Durham, from going out of business.
Wythall Animal Sanctuary was founded by Carolyn's parents in 1968, whose aim was to save and find homes for as many unwanted pets as possible.
CARING CARLA: Carla Lane at her animal sanctuary in Horsted Keynes, West Sussex.
I AM very surprised that Ms Carole Dewings has given her support to Cliff Spedding of the Hope Animal Sanctuary since he has pleaded guilty to cruelty to animals at the sanctuary.
Dozens of tourists watched in horror as the 17-year-old was mauled at the Lost Creek Animal Sanctuary.
The Peace Plantation Animal Sanctuary, also an NHES affiliate primarily serving cats, operates on a 100-acre farm in Walton, New York.
AN animal sanctuary is hoping to use its presence on the web to secure its future.
A LITTER of European beavers has been born at an animal sanctuary - the first births in the UK since the species was hunted to extinction 1,000 years ago.
The owner of a Midland animal sanctuary near a farm with foot-and-mouth disease said she would rather go to jail than allow any of the sheep to be slaughtered.
The 16-year-old pooch has spent an amazing 12 years at Wythall Animal Sanctuary, near Birmingham.
Rees founded LoveHandlers Animal Sanctuary in January 2007 after seeing a need for a caring environment to house and let these special animals have a second chance at a healthy fulfilling life.
March 9, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Preparations are underway for what will be a historic and record-breaking animal rescue when 33 circus Lions collected by a British animal welfare group known as ADI, and an American wildlife rescue organization known as The Wild Animal Sanctuary, are relocated from Peru to a new home in the United States.
Rescue has been filling stockings for the animals at the 115 acre animal sanctuary for 29-years.