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a building where birds are kept


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Willows Animal Sanctuary and Animal Assisted Therapy Unit launched an appeal on social media to donate to a horse called Kinder.
In a few weeks, Kinder the pony will be arriving at her new abode at Willows Animal Sanctuary and Animal Assisted Therapy Unit, because her current owner can no longer look after her.
The marsupial has been on the run around Cork for almost six days with Andrew Boyle from Araglin Animal Sanctuary appealing for help to find him.
Probate records show she left PS10,000 to her brother and 80 per cent of the rest, after funeral expenses, to Ferne Animal Sanctuary, in Chard, Somerset.
Bury-born actress and president of the Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary Atkinson took to Twitter to condemn the crime.
Representatives of the organisation urged government officials to release the 33-year-old Asian elephant into an animal sanctuary.
Leigh Venus, operations manager for Groundwork STAN, responsible for the direction and development of Jarrow Hall, said: "Turning our already non-working farm into an animal sanctuary feels inevitable.
Steph Taylor, founder of Rescue Me Animal Sanctuary, said the cats seem to be able to use their tails to balance and their front legs have grown strong enough to support them.
Rescue Me Animal Sanctuary is a small, foster home-based rescue which helps animals across Merseyside.
The US stars were snapped getting a cuddle with some of the pups from Assisi Animal Sanctuary.
A MAN who runs an animal sanctuary is desperately appealing for information after two of his 80 animals went missing.
Trevor, who is 14 years old, was taken to Victoria Vets in Dowlais, Merthyr Tydfil, and they called Sheryl Paterson, who owns Tyr Capel Animal Sanctuary for older animals, in New Tredegar.
AN ANIMAL sanctuary has been inundated with dog-lovers who want to give a terminally ill dog a home.
A HEARTLESS thief has stolen an animal sanctuary's supply of food and toys for the 100 pets in its care.
Argos Animal Sanctuary manager Andrew Brown plans to run the Cyprus Marathon on April 10 in novel way -- by wearing a dog costume.