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the branch of zoology that studies the behavior of animals in their natural habitats

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Lottery winners, from left, Terry Roberts, Barry Bradley, Yvonne Bradley, Lyn Sexton and Sue Roberts help children's charity Lylac Ridge animal learning centre
National lottery winners help children's charity Lylac Ridge Animal Learning Centre in Crosskeys, Newport.
Seven Stories: The National Centre for Children's Books is competing against six other projects including the Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust, Life In My Shoes for youngsters living with HIV, Playskill for children with disabilities based in Watford, Live & Learn run by the National Museums Northern Ireland, the XLP's XL-R8 Community Bus Project in London and the Lylac Ridge Animal Learning Centre in South Wales.
Poling is an expert in animal learning at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo.
Croney is an expert in applied animal behavior, with an emphasis on animal learning and welfare.
LI is normally obtained in controlled conditions at the animal learning laboratory by programming two (pre-exposure and conditioning) or three (pre-exposure, conditioning, and testing) stages.
New Scientist magazine reported the American team were training their robot as if it was an animal learning tricks.
Student interest prompted her to add a second course this year focusing on the fundamentals of animal learning and intelligence.