blood sport

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sport that involves killing animals (especially hunting)

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"While his dogs appeared to be in good general health when we searched his property, Laddie had severe facial injuries consistent with animal fighting and Max had scarring to the jaw area and his leg.
Chief inspector Ian Briggs, from the RSPCA's special operations unit, which investigates organised animal crime, said: "I've been investigating organised animal fighting for more than a decade and it still disgusts me knowing there are individuals who continue to take pleasure in watching animals brutally fight each other, often causing horrific and sometimes fatal injuries," he said.
"Hopefully one day organised animal fighting can truthfully be described as a thing of the past."
Lee had previously admitted to three counts of animal fighting and was given three concurrent 23-week sentences for the crimes.
Wildlife crime officer Andy Swinburne said after the case: "It is the worst catalogue of animal fighting that I have come across and it has appalled everybody that has been in touch with the investigation."
Under amendments to the Humane Care for Animals Act, it is now a Class 4 felony to manufacture any device or equipment intended for use in animal fighting, to possess or sell animal fighting equipment, or to make available a facility to host animal fighting.
There are three issues in animal law of which there should be little debate: (1) banning animal fighting as a spectator sport by increasing the penalties for those that attend; (2) providing for bequests for the care of our pets after our death; and (3) prohibiting the hunting of domesticated animals on private game preserves or over the Internet.
His concerns were huge -- "not merely the few hundred animals that may have suffered in dog fights." But he hadn't anticipated that the Internet would grow lethal dog fighting into a cross-cultural, multimillion dollar industry, with a spin-off business of small-pet theft for "bait animals." According to John Goodwin, deputy manager of animal fighting issues at the Humane Society of the United States, the problem is so big that in urban areas up to half of the shelter animals are scarred fighting dogs.
Jerry Palmer was being held at the Lane County Jail late Tuesday on charges of first-degree animal abuse, involvement in animal fighting, identity theft and unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon.
Reeves, of Redruth, Cornwall, was found guilty of causing, procuring or assisting animal fighting or baiting.
Reeves has pleaded not guilty to a charge of causing, procuring or assisting at animal fighting or baiting, and to three charges of permitting unnecessary suffering to Red.
The officer said: "After analysing evidence, we were led to the residence of Ward and through a warrant, seized an electronic device which contained video footage, images and text messages relating to animal fighting, hunting and trapping animals in order to set dogs on them.
It was after surveillance by the charity which allegedly discovered badger baiting and animal fighting.
"Usually, such videos are never posted on social media and there are closed groups for people engaged in animal fighting," one campaigner said.