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Synonyms for extinction

Synonyms for extinction

Synonyms for extinction

no longer active

no longer in existence


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the reduction of the intensity of radiation as a consequence of absorption and radiation

complete annihilation

a conditioning process in which the reinforcer is removed and a conditioned response becomes independent of the conditioned stimulus

the act of extinguishing

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Questions relate to overcoming stage fright, poetry as a career, climbing the ladder at work, sales morale, relieving anxiety, contraceptives, party dress, entertaining on a budget, yard work, memory techniques, vegetarianism, division of labor, gays in the military, animal extinction, population management, ideal governments, judges, negotiation vs.
That was how Friedman found inspiration for the play's songs, which are used to find the emotional resonance in certain environmental issues, such as animal extinction. "There's a jaunty barber-shop song about the last (lays of the passenger pigeon," he says, referring to a bird that went extinct in the early 20th century.
"The worst biofuels are actually more polluting than petrol and there is a very real risk that Europe's cars will run on forest destruction and animal extinction," said Greenpeace EU Forest Policy Director Sebastien Risso.
Topics include resource conservation and management, tools for creating a sustainable future, the nature of soils, the human population challenge, pest management, aquatic environments and fisheries conservation, forest and wildlife management, plant and animal extinction, air pollution, global warming and climate change, minerals and mining, nonrenewable energy resources, and related subjects.
While the problem of animal extinction is not new, many people have a hard time believing that that we could fined ourselves with empty forests, and conservationists have often projected the idea that indigenous people live in harmony with nature and therefore could not possibly participate in overhunting.
Roads would be gridlocked and the atmosphere would be saturated to the point of animal extinction with toxic filth and carbon monoxide.
Responding to a study showing that animal extinction is a major concern among children, Good Humor-Breyers, through its Popsicle brand, will donate $100,000 to World Wildlife Fund, and also sponsor a series of "fun and exciting" educational events for children throughout the summer as part of a "Help Save Endangered Animals" program.
"These drawbacks, however, lose much of their persuasive force when matched by the inevitability of animal extinction without them," he notes.
But despite the massive diversity of life we enjoy today, animal extinction rates are skyrocketing.
Terralingua (www.terralingua.org), an organization dedicated to biocultural diversity conservation, has pointed out the connection between the loss of indigenous peoples traditions and understanding of the species, including ancestral beliefs, to animal extinction.
This two-volume encyclopedia on animal extinction is part of a 17-volume set on the animal kingdom and is meant to complement the evolution volume published in 2011.