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the branch of zoology that studies the behavior of animals in their natural habitats

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So she studied animal behaviour and decided to follow it up with a post graduate diploma on animal physiotherapy, which she said offered her the best of both worlds: interaction with the medical side, as she only works under referral from vets, and working with animals.
The Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour (ASAB) and the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC) recommend that you gain a degree or postgraduate qualification in animal behaviour or animal science, or a similar relevant subject.
You could add to your income by writing articles on animal behaviour, or take training to move into teaching.
Two separate studies found pollutants including lead and chemical additives can affect animal behaviour.
William Sutherland reviewed 229 papers from Animal Behaviour and 97 papers from Conservation Biology in 1996 and determined that there was "a complete lack of papers in Animal Behaviour that related directly to conservation" and only a few papers in Conservation Biology that "include(d) an aspect of behavior in the title" (Table 1).
Providing an intriguing insight into animal behaviour, the standpoint within the book is that ".
Dr Tomkins said, "By studying earwigs, pupils can learn about animal behaviour traits like mating and fighting.
Animal behaviour in Egyptian art; representations of the natural world in Memphite tomb scenes.
So, she and Zakon monitored fishes' electric fields in several scenarios, the team reports in an upcoming Animal Behaviour.
The biologist will put his ideas to teachers in Scotland next month when he addresses a conference on animal behaviour.
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