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the branch of zoology that studies the behavior of animals in their natural habitats

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An invaluable tool for teaching and a source of enrichment and detail for any topic covered in an animal behavior course, the Encyclopedia of Animal Behavior is the definitive reference work in its field and will be for years to come.
Animal Behavior College also offers continuing education programs, including one devoted to the training of shelter dogs.
How do I conduct a literature search in animal behavior and what reference tools are available?
of Oxford, UK) explains the use of animal behavior for research--taking animal welfare into account, rather than the more intrusive experimental manipulation.
His records offer a rare look at the path of a tradition, he reported last week in Snowbird, Utah, at the annual meeting of the Animal Behavior Society.
Although at times the plot is fanciful, the details of the story are firmly realistic, especially when describing animal behavior, not sparing the "red in tooth and claw" aspect of their lives.
There are entire sequences of animal behavior, and some of it is very moving indeed,'' said Fenton, a Britisher whose film credits include ``Groundhog Day,'' ``Shadowlands,'' ``Cry Freedom,'' ``The Company of Wolves'' and ``The Fisher King.
The NYC headquarters houses a full-service animal hospital, animal behavior center, and adoption facility.
Animal behavior desk reference; a dictionary of animal behavior, ecology, and evolution, 3d ed.
Appoints Leading Animal Behavior Experts From Across the Nation
They begin with topics about "doing science," including several papers on ethics and examples of how they apply, on the mechanics of behavior, including several articles about how we think animals think about numbers, emotions, and sexuality, on how animal behavior evolves, as expressed in domestication and changes in building their homes, and on the adaptive nature of reproductive and social behaviors in such subjects as siblicide, the evolution of jealousy, and the altruistic behaviors of naked mole rats.
In this era of factory farming and mass animal production, the experience-based knowledge of animal behavior is in danger of being lost.
April 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Animal Behavior College (ABC) celebrates its sixth year of increasing adoption rates at animal shelters through its Students Saving Lives program.
Csanyi, who has written more than 20 books, studies animal behavior at Eotvos Lorand University in Hungary.
David needs an assistant to help him perfect his technique of shaping animal behavior using clicker training, which relies on the power of positive reinforcement.
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