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Synonyms for abuse

Synonyms for abuse

to use wrongly and improperly

to take advantage of unfairly

to hurt or injure by maltreatment

to attack with harsh, often insulting language

Synonyms for abuse

change the inherent purpose or function of something

use wrongly or improperly or excessively

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Bahrain introduced this law in 2014 but the alarming, sinister rise in animal abuse is ongoing," he said.
Earlier in the year, the Supreme Court dismissed the appeal of 66-year-old Andreas Ioannou who was sentenced to two months imprisonment in March on charges of animal abuse, negligence and assaulting police officers, after he was arrested for tying his dog to a car and dragging it to its death.
Schaefer, Hays, and Steiner (2007) surveyed 174 therapists regarding animal abuse issues and found that therapists primarily asked about the abuse only after a client had mentioned it.
Over 75,000 people have signed a petition, and an A-List Celebrity letter states: "As the largest retailer in the world, Wal-Mart has the power - and the ethical responsibility - to ensure that the pork sold in its stores is not the product of egregious animal abuse.
The changes have been welcomed by the Animal Abuse Injustice and Defence Society, although they still have concerns about the surface at Sedgefield.
In addition, the new amendments clarify that no Act prohibits any of these mandatory child abuse reporters from reporting animal abuse to the proper authorities if they reasonably believe such behavior is being practiced.
Since 1994, Simpson has worked in more than 20 counties investigating animal abuse cases and has received more than 80 convictions.
Martha Grimes has been a vegetarian for more than 30 years, and her latest suspense novel, Dakota, focuses on animal abuse at a pig factory farm and a slaughterhouse.
After decades of lax enforcement of animal-cruelty laws, Los Angeles now leads the nation in cracking down on dogfighting, cockfighting and animal abuse.
Texas, no wave of animal abuse has overtaken the nation.
Animal Abuse and Family Violence: Researching the Interrelationships of Abusive Power.
She has specialized in investigating and prosecuting hate and bias crimes, elder abuse, environmental crime, youth and gang violence, animal abuse, and child abuse, specifically pedophiles on the internet.
It urges prosecutors to hand out strict sentences to those who commit cruelty to animals and encourages the police to take animal abuse complaints seriously.
Researchers have identified a direct correlation between animal abuse and domestic violence and child abuse, citing animal cruelty as an indicator of future offending behaviour.
In light of this omission, this article has four purposes: to explain why the link between animal abuse and domestic violence merits the attention of the social work profession, to review the empirical research on the connections between animal abuse and domestic violence, to suggest relevant knowledge and skills that social workers can use to address this issue, and to offer resources for integrating this content into the social work curriculum.