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They are agricultural crops and livestock, animal care, animal technology, aquaculture, environmental conservation, equine, farriery, fencing, fisheries management, floristry, game and wildlife management, horticulture, landscape and sports turf, land-based engineering, production horticulture, trees and timber and veterinary nursing.
Changes in legislation and an increase in public interest in animal related issues ranging from the keeping of exotic pets to conservation, animal health and behaviour mean that higher levels of skills are required in zoos, wildlife centres, animal technology and in education, training and conservation work.
For laboratory staff and students taking the Institute of Animal Technology exams, this guide describes the care of animals used in scientific procedures.
GTC develops, produces, and commercializes therapeutic proteins through transgenic animal technology. In August 2006, ATryn, GTC's recombinant form of human antithrombin, was approved by the European Commission for use in patients with hereditary antithrombin deficiency undergoing surgical procedures.
Draught animal technology (DAT) refers to the employment of large four-foot domesticated animals in different aspects of life (FAO, 1990).
TAIWAN: Cloned pigs using human as well as pig cells have been hailed by the government-funded Animal Technology Institute as a breakthrough to treat haemophilia and other diseases.
The clones, three female pigs, were delivered by caesarean section and were in excellent health, the Animal Technology Institute said.
Nexia's strategy is to use the latest transgenic animal technology to boost spider silk production.
The Company believes that a major education effort may be required to convince the medical community and the general public that products developed utilizing transgenic animal technology are efficacious, safe, and ethical.