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Synonyms for migration

Synonyms for migration

departure from one's native land to settle in another

Words related to migration

the movement of persons from one country or locality to another

a group of people migrating together (especially in some given time period)

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(chemistry) the nonrandom movement of an atom or radical from one place to another within a molecule

the periodic passage of groups of animals (especially birds or fishes) from one region to another for feeding or breeding

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Designing transportation routes in such way as to avoid collision with animal migration routes (it is necessary to work out a strategy of motorway and express road development having in mind protection of environmental resources).
interdisciplinary treatment of animal migration conservation.
My concerns regarding political coordination and philosophical conceptualization are not meant to dissuade anyone who wishes to conserve the endangered phenomena of animal migration.
THE largest animal migration on Earth is in the deep sea.
Critics oppose the project because it would remove 48 prized oak trees, impact an animal migration corridor and impede the views for surrounding homes.
And at Fort Belvoir, Virginia, Army environmentalists are working to keep open a vital wildlife corridor running through the base by maintaining a continuous band of forested lands of sufficient width to encourage animal migration unimpeded by local roads or other man-made obstacles.
Argos is used for a variety of applications, including volcano monitoring, ship and expedition tracking, fishing management, tracking animal migration, and geophysical data collection.
Our acoustic method for train-animal collisions prevention is an excellent solution that allows preservation of ecological corridors and animal migration routes and significantly reduces the safety and business risk of rail carriers.
Additional books, websites, and movies are listed along with further information about teach animal species, and further tips from the author give good activity suggestions for further learning about animal migration.
Although there have been strong correlations between global warming and changes in the timing of events such as animal migration and flowering, it has been hard to show a cause-and-effect link.
This vast range of creatures and movements is highlighted in Ben Hoare's lovely book on animal migration.
Comparative equilibration and online technique for determination of non-exchangeable hydrogen of keratins for use in animal migration studies.
This is proof that global mechanisms which regulated climate already during the ice age also influenced vegetation and with it also animal migration," Dr.
Although animal migration may be a ubiquitous phenomenon, it is also an increasingly endangered one.
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