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Synonyms for impermanence

the property of not existing for indefinitely long durations

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PPC - Petite is, essentially a scaled down version of the PPC services Anicca offer to much larger clients, and is managed by the same team.
4 MERZBOW, ANICCA (COLD SPRING, 2008) Featuring Masami Akita's recent analog return to his junk instruments of the 1980s, this record nearly goes full circle, with Live in Khabarovsk, CCCP-era free-drumming filling in every hole left in this musician's web.
All things pass: Sic mundi Gloria transit (All the glory of the world passes), or the Pali sutra: Anicca bata sankara (All compounded phenomena is impermanent)--more exotic sounding if slightly more obscure in translation.
Another is to count beads while repeating in her mind the words anicca, dukkha and anatta.
Anicca Pierre-Fils is a 23-year-old university student from Haiti working on a degree in business while also serving as a home visitor for Even Start.
First, he seems to have taken aninja- as derived from anitya (impermanent), probably through the common Prakritic pronunciation of the latter as anicca (Gandhari anica), assuming loss of nasal and confusion of voiced and unvoiced palatal stops.
One of the fundamental characteristics of our world, the Buddhists tell us, is what they term anicca, or impermanence.