aluminium chloride

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a chloride used as a wood preservative or catalyst

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First,use a medical grade antiperspirant like Driclor or Anhydrol Forte - these are only available from pharmacies and are all that is needed in most cases.
IF you can't control your sweating with standard anti-perspirants then you need to try the stronger medical types such as Anhydrol Forte and Driclor.
Go for a roll-on anti- perspirant as opposed to a spray-on, and if standard- strength products don't work go for the medical grade ones such as Driclor and Anhydrol Forte - both are available from pharmacists without prescription.
Your first step is to ask your pharmacist about anti-perspirants containing aluminium hexa- hydrate (such as Driclor and Anhydrol Forte) which are much stronger than normal brands, and are enough to control excess sweating in most cases.
Conventional anti- perspirants rarely control the problem but medical versions like Driclor or Anhydrol Forte are effective in most cases.
Stronger 'medical' anti-perspirants that contain aluminium hexahydrate (eg Driclor and Anhydrol Forte) are much more effective.