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a state in which an animal's metabolic activities come to a reversible standstill

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Others can survive the loss of most of their internal water; they enter a state of suspended animation known as anhydrobiosis.
Crowe and his colleagues have been inspired by a zoo of organisms whose ability to enter a dry state of suspended animation and then to be revived by water is called anhydrobiosis.
The technology is based on the molecular principles of anhydrobiosis (life without water) that allows multicellular organisms survive in extreme conditions.
Crowe (1974) discusses several types of latent states among tardi grades including anhydrobiosis, the cryptobiotic state induced by desiccation, the state that most limno-terrestrial tardigrades must survive.
SampleMatrix is based on extremophile biology in which organisms are able to survive long-term in a state of anhydrobiosis (life without water) and later be revived by rehydration.
The core is based on the principles of anhydrobiosis ("life without water"), a natural mechanism that allows multicellular organisms to survive extreme environments.