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a compound formed from one or more other compounds in a reaction resulting in removal of water

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He also briefed that ANF has made significant seizures of 41828 kgs Precursors including world biggest seizure of 15800 kgs of Acetic Anhydrid (chemical used in manufacturing of heroin) in March this year.
EBA is a copolymer of ethylene and buthyl acrylate (Lotryl 17BA07 from Elf Atochem) while REBA is the EBA for which 4.6 molecules of maleic anhydrid (MAH) have been grafted per chain (Lotader AM3410 from Elf Atochem).
Manufacturer (Pa s) (kPa) polyethylene-g-maleic PE-MA Uniroyal 13,000 11.8 anhydrid (4 wt%) polyethylene-co-glycidyl PE-GMA Elf Atochem 9,700 4.4 methacrylate (8 wt%) G" Polymer (kPa) Mw polyethylene-g-maleic 13.4 110,000 anhydrid (4 wt%) polyethylene-co-glycidyl 7.1 -- methacrylate (8 wt%)
It consists of maleic anhydrid and propylene glycol with an average of 10.3 C=C bonds per molecule.