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a compound formed from one or more other compounds in a reaction resulting in removal of water

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Hence, it is likely that the anhydrate crystal has similar crystal system with the standard crystal data, which is triclinic.
The first and second peaks of pH value were associated with the appearance of dicalcium phosphate anhydrate (CaHP[O.
Hydrogen from its methane gas will combine in a synthetic reaction with nitrogen from the air to turn out anhydrate ammonia, which is used as the feedstock for fertilizer; Gas is the main element in the urea production cost accounting for 50%-60% of the total production cost of urea fertilizer.
The facts in BMS fit a selection patent scenario because the prior art contained a Greek patent application (that had been filed by a predecessor of BMS) that was nearly identical to the patent at issue except that it did not disclose the improved stability of the monohydrate form relative to the anhydrate form of cefipime dihydrochloride.
5 gives an example from a study on self-healing capacity of concrete due to anhydrate cement left after hydration (He et al.