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black hornless breed from Scotland

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His equally ambitious brother Rory, although currently injured, is a key Ulster and Ireland player and also an enthusiastic breeder of Angus cattle.
INSET: Cwm's Aberdeen Angus cattle have been a lot less work than the farm's old Limousin and British Blue cows - with little loss of financial return
The corn grows high, soybean bushes sprout nary a weed, the Black Angus cattle look fed and fit.
This is a competitive world,'' said Evan Rayl, who breeds Angus cattle at his farm in Bridgewater, in southwestern Iowa.
Davis purchased the various lands and began raising blue black Angus cattle.
For more information about Angus cattle and the American Angus Association's programs and services, visit www.
Dwayne Cypriano, an independent rancher, and Rick Sakata wanted to advance Hawaii's food self-sufficiency by building a herd of Lowline Angus cattle on their ranch.
For each of the breeds' respective state sales, both Simmental and Red Angus cattle will be filling the pens at Kist Livestock in Mandan, N.
They then relocated to Massachusetts, and in 1957, settled in Bolton, where they raised Angus cattle and horses on their farm.
She said: "I really like the Aberdeen Angus cattle.
Sheep breeds at Dolwgan include the Derbyshire Gritstone, while Dafydd has experimented with black Limousin and Aberdeen Angus cattle (inset) Pictures: MALCOLM 'SLIM' WILLIAMS
When a rare and deadly birth defect called "marble bone disease" stuck Black Angus cattle in the 1960s, producers had little alternative but to cull all animals related to affected calves in an effort to get rid of the mutation.
Organised by Organic Centre Wales (OCW), it's being hosted by Deio Hughes, who grows an arable silage mix, red clover and brassicas despite outwintering his Aberdeen Angus cattle and Beulah sheep.
Beef slaughtered at Willie Ritch's farm is known for its fine texture and intense flavour Chef director David Colcombe In the kitchen at Opus One of Willie Ritch's cross-bred Aberdeen Angus cattle