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Synonyms for Angus

Celtic god of love and beauty

black hornless breed from Scotland

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Well, we want him back pretty soon," said Angus abruptly, "for the wretched man upstairs has not only been murdered, but wiped out.
I am pleased to hear it," said Angus with hearty irony.
Reverend sir," cried Angus, standing still, "are you raving mad, or am I?
John Turnbull Angus went back to the lady at the shop, with whom that imprudent young man contrives to be extremely comfortable.
Eighteen months later, at nearly two years old, Angus is a handsome little dog, but his deformed bone was affecting his ability to use the leg.
in TV star, comedian and actress Karen Dunbar was happy to pose for a picture with Angus after meeting him at the vet
Starting this week, Arby's is celebrating three mouth-watering sandwiches that feature USDA choice, top round, Black Angus steak.
The chatter and clatter of the newsroom would be shattered with a phone slammed into its cradle, a hand slapping loudly on the desk and the yell: "It's a howitzer of a story, a howitzer" That shout was the first sign that Scotland would wake up on Sunday to another barnstorming exclusive from the Sunday Mail's political editor Angus Macleod.
Angus pushed his way into her home, knocked her to the floor and sat on her back.
Tom, who has donated his services to the centre since it opened in 1998, arranged for Angus to be seen at the Leverhulme Equine Research Centre at Liverpool University.
Jennifer Alison's case study of Angus and Robertson, the leading Australian publisher in the late-nineteenth and twentieth centuries, is an important addition to the growing body of work on Australian print culture.
Ex-heroin addict and dealer Angus admitted attacking Mr Carter in Sighthill, Edinburgh.
From his 1960s depiction of the "ideal" Angus bull to his most recent cover of the Angus Journal in December 2007, Murphy's art has been the definitive image of Angus since the early 1950s.
First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond presented the two awards to Angus Soft Fruits at a gala dinner attended by 300 guests from the food and drink industry.
His wife Barbara has been a huge source of strength to Angus and the election result count will not be the same without her.