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the ability of a microscope or telescope to measure the angular separation of images that are close together


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The subject of the contract is the purchase of a modern photoelectron emission spectrometer with spin and angular resolution with high resolution (sarpes), Wave vector and spin analysis.
There is a vendor-provided configuration software named SOPAS[R], which can configure the laser scanner such as angular resolution setting, single and multiple measurement, and displaying the scan points after coordinate transformation.
Thus, the field of view, as well as the angular resolution of the telescope, could also vary.
Therefore, for a required angular resolution and FOV, Equation (3) requires a small spacing between visibility samples while Equation (4) requires large coverage of the spatial frequency.
These high angular resolution observations revealed that the thin, clumpy shell contains a spiral structure.
However, the angular resolution in this condition could be expressed as [24]
Angular resolution of beam scanning systems is determined by the antenna beam width.
Analogically to formula (2), it is connected with angular resolution via flight altitude (due to smallness of angular resolution, it is accepted that tg[gamma] = [gamma][rad])
The strong magnitude difference (about 7) between Jupiter and its satellites prevents us from applying the angular resolution limit usually used for visual observations based on Rayleigh's criterion: R" 0.
This innovative radar technology has also achieved high detection performance with a range resolution of less than 50cm and an angular resolution of 5 degrees.
Therefore, the construction of the device and the measurement method should allow for high angular resolution in the mentioned regions and a good coverage of the solid angle into which light is reflected.
Image and angular resolution are specified as 34 [micro]m and 0.
The results showed that an angular resolution up to 2[degrees] could fully describe the flow variation inside the chamber.
The R/S Plus rheometer features an improved encoder that increases the angular resolution of the spindle position to 15.