angular momentum

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the product of the momentum of a rotating body and its distance from the axis of rotation

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Regulation of angular impulse is an essential aspect of balance and fall recoveries.
The swing leg has also been shown to be important in generating the angular impulse required to neutralize the angular momentum of the body induced by the perturbation [17].
For example, during a forward trip, the backward-directed component of the GRF, acting on the tripping leg, passes posterior to the COM and contributes to the forward angular impulse about the COM (Figure 1).
Successful balance recovery by way of a stepping strategy uses angular impulse generated by the swing leg during both the swing and contact phases immediately following the perturbation.
During this interval, the GRF is essentially aligned with the COM [17] and results in minimal angular impulse generation (Figure 2(b)).
Properly designed spin test chambers include a separate internal burst-containment cylinder that is not attached to the chamber but is free to rotate under the angular impulse of burst fragments.
The resulting angular impulse can be millions of ft-lbs of torque, impossible to resist with ordinary floor-bolting methods.
j] ([tau] = 0) = 0 and for the angular impulses of the particles [u.