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the fatty flesh of eel

voracious snakelike marine or freshwater fishes with smooth slimy usually scaleless skin and having a continuous vertical fin but no ventral fins

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Among those welcoming the skulls was the country's Prime Minister Nahas Angula who said,
The chosen polymers exhibi ted rathe r simi lar rheological propert ies in term s of e lasticity al both low and high angula r freque ncies.
El juvenil de 0,3 a 0,5 g no presenta pigmentacion, por lo que se denomina cristalino, y se le conoce vernacularmente como "puye" en mapuche, "angula" en espanol o "whitebait" en ingles (Mardones et al., 2008); el juvenil es una delicatessen culinaria de alto valor comercial (US $10-50 kg), que se ha exportado como sustituto de la larva cristalina de la anguila europea, Anguilla anguilla, conocida como "angula", "eel glass" o "civelle" (Mardones et al., 2008).
During the visit the former Prime Minister and current Minister of Defence Nahas Angula expressed gratitude for the educational training provided at Sri Lankan institutes for Education officers of the South West African Peoples Organization (SWAPO) which now constitute Namibia's Government.
In 1993, the Minister of Education and Culture at that time, Nahas Angula (1993, cited in Brock-Utne and Holmarsdotter, 2011, p.
Himenoforo con poros de color crema a amarillo-mantequilla (4A3, 4A4, 4A5), de 1-2 por mm, angula res, muy irregulares (llega a presentar himenoforo laberitinforme en algunas zonas), bordes medianamente gruesos, lisos o dentados; tubos concoloros con el himenoforo, hasta de 2.5 mm de longitud, no estratificados, en zonas decurrentes se observan escalonados.
During the two-day event from Thursday to Friday in this capital city of Ethiopia, Meles Zenawi, Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Ali Bongo Ondimba, President of Gabon, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, President of Nigeria, and Nahas Gideon Angula, Prime Minister of Namibia, spoke about the challenges of leadership as Africa prepares to meet the complex issues of today and tomorrow.
For readers of Tolkien's creative writing, the most interesting aspect of this particular translation is his rendering of "hoc terrarium angula" (this corner of the earth) into "pisse middeleardes hurne." "Middelearde," says Phelpstead, was a "normal Middle English term for this world" (14).
- Posterior margin of pronotum obtuse angula (Fig.4) the median lobe of female subgenital plate is elongated and pointed and the lateral lobes are rounded (Fig.B) ......
The practical MM lens composed with SRR is etched on the FR4 substrate with permittivity [bar.[epsilon]] = [[epsilon].sub.r] - i[delta] = [[epsilon].sub.r] - i[sigma] /[omega][[epsilon].sub.0], where a is conductivity of material, [[epsilon].sub.0] is the permittivity in vacuum and [omega] is the angula r frequency.
Oiva Angula, a spokesman for Telecom Namibia, said last week that negotiations for the were still on-going, the report added.
The Master of Ceremonies, Nahas Angula, told the crowd that the memorial was 'a symbol of the Namibian people's determination throughout the struggle', while former President Sam Nujoma emphasized that it was built to honour the fallen heroes and heroines (The Namibian, 27 August 2002).