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type genus of the Anguidae: blindworms

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On the contrary, Anguis takes place in the modern day ,in a broadcast recording studio, where an interview between Cleopatra (Paksie Vernon) and a contemporary virologist, Kate (Janet Kumah), calls to question all what we think we know about the memorable queen.
2010: Slow worm, Anguis fragilis (Reptilia: Anguidae) as a species complex: genetic structure reveals deep divergences.
In: Joselyne Fresnais and Sylvie Guichard Anguis, eds., La Gestion du Patrimoine en Asie.
J., 67: 554-555, 1990.[14] Olufemi, B.E., Anguis, C and Roberts, R.J., TheAspergillomycosis in intensivelycultured tilapia fromKenya.
It is the visual translation of the artist's name: Anguis sola, the lone or single snake, which appears on the family coat of arms and in its motto, Anguis Sola Fecit Vinctoriam.
Mae'r neidr ddefaid (Anguis fragilis; slow worm) a neidr y gwair (Natrix natrix; grass snake) hefyd i'w gweld yn y warchodfa.
Y, sin embargo, de la mano de Virgilio, el autor afirma que <<latet anguis in herba>>.
En reptiles vivientes como lagartos (Lacerta), luciones (Anguis) y tuatara (Sphenodon punctatus) existe una vesicula entre los huesos parietales, el organo parapineal u ojo parietal, que presenta un rudimento de retina, desde donde sale un cordon nervioso hacia el cerebro, contiene un cuerpo vitreo y la pared anterior semeja un cristalino, bajo una epidermis clara y transparente.
Arrayed around Crisium are Lacus Bonitatis, Mare Anguis, and Mare Undarum.