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Synonyms for Anguilla

a British colony in the West Indies

type genus of the Anguillidae: eels

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'This case is to be resolved by the courts and the courts alone,' Horsford said, adding 'I want to take the opportunity on this occasion following the first hearing of the Preliminary Inquiry in this matter to commend the Anguillan public for their peaceful and respectful comportment'.
Some Anguillans demanded Hapgood return to face justice in the British territory. Hapgood is an account manager with UBS Global Asset Management in New York City and lives in Darien, Connecticut.
Thus, the disaffection of Nevisians and Anguillans for Labour Party candidates was not apparent in 1952 when Labour or their sympathizers won easily in those three constituencies.
Anguillans, Naipaul bitingly remarks, "are not well-educated.