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a British colony in the West Indies

type genus of the Anguillidae: eels

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Molecular phylogenetic research on the genus Anguilla has recently stimulated interest in the spawning migrations of tropical freshwater eel species by suggesting that the tropical eel, Anguilla borneensis, which is endemic to Borneo, is the most basal species, and that the genus radiated out from the tropics to colonize temperate regions (4).
"Everyone kept working like a machine, catching and processing specimens." Yet a paper shrine appeared in the ship's lab with a picture of a Japanese eel underneath, and someone hung up a poster that said, "Wanted: Anguilla."
CeBlue, Inspirato's newest offering in Anguilla, is a private collection of eight ocean-view villas at Crocus Bay.
This report provides an overview of the telecom markets in Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados and Bermuda.
CBN-TV operates KCNTV Channel 4 in Anguilla, CBN-TV Channel 101 in the British Virgin Islands, Channel 8 in Nevis, and TV Carib Informer in St.
"The Royal Anguilla Police Force acknowledges the fact that people want information in respect of the recent arrest and charging of a U.S.
Parker is assistant vice president for the Bank of Anguilla. He has almost seven years of banking experience, three years with the Bank of Anguilla, and three years in consumer lending.
Seven Seas Water, an operating segment of AquaVenture Holdings Limited (NYSE: WAAS), has signed a contract with the Water Corporation of Anguilla, Anguilla's public water utility.
Sharing a Twitter picture of himself alongside Johnson, McKendrick said: "Meeting the worst foreign secretary we've ever had among the destruction of Hurricane Irma in Anguilla. Disinterested and out of his depth, he cared nothing for our situation.
Following the multiple-destination itineraries introduced last year by the two iconic brands, Four Seasons guests and NetJets owners can now visit Anguilla, Orlando or the Bahamas, and create a uniquely customisable escape, complete with unmatched service, flexibility, and access.
The St Kitts Nevis and Anguilla National Bank, or National Bank, has been placed under scrutiny because of financial problems.
The Foreign and Commonwealth Office is advising against all travel to the British Virgin Islands, Montserrat and Anguilla. Maria is expected to make landfall today or tomorrow, with severe damage and coastal flooding expected.
The Foreign Secretary toured the devastated island of Anguilla as the UK pledged a further PS25million towards relief.
At least 160 to 180 Filipinos from the British Virgin Islands, 20 from the British territory of Anguilla, and 36 from St.
Devedjian (1926) ise "Turkiye'de Balik ve Balikcilik" adli eserinde rezervuarda avciligi yapilan balik turlerini kaya baligi, yilan baligi (Anguilla anguilla (L., 1758)), kefal (Mugil sp.), dere pisisi (Pleuronectes flesus (L., 1758), kizilkanat (Scardinius erythrophthalmus (L., 1758)), dere kayasi (Gobio fluviatilis Cuvier, 1842, Perca fluviatilis L., 1758 ve turna (E.