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Synonyms for angst

Synonyms for angst

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an acute but unspecific feeling of anxiety

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Angsty garage rock mostly about those snakes, women.
But, imagine how an angsty teen might feel, cooped up with her family for a road trip from Los Angeles to Colorado.
This book will likely speak most strongly to those in the midst of angsty love.
Moreover, it wouldn't be unlikely for orphaned billionaire Danny to channel his chi to ward off the negativity and gloomy vibe collectively generated by Liberty High's angsty teens, Jessica Davis, Tony Padilla and dreamy Justin Foley (Alisha Boe, Christian Navarro and Brandon Flynn of '13 Reasons Why,' respectively).
He plays a contract killer hunting crooks who robbed the Mob, but an angsty script and earnest acting slows the action to a near crawl.
What A Feeling has a slight element of 1980s disco, and single Drag Me Down just goes to prove that Malik didn't take the band's angsty edge with him.
New series THE DRIVER Tue BBC1 9pm David Morrissey is fast becoming television's go-to guy for playing angsty middle-aged men who reach a dangerous crossroads in their lives.
I don't do gloom, I'm not cool enough to be all angsty and pent up.
Not only did my teacher (now a famous author) explain it brilliantly, but I was in the middle of an angsty phase.
In honor of the 100th birthday of Albert Camus, the Huffington Post Religion section featured an essay about the Nobel Prize-winning existentialist philosopher and favorite of angsty teens everywhere.
She said: "I wrote it at the lowest point of my life so it is angsty in places.
This 17-track record shows off a more mature side of Paramore - less angsty, less teenage problems, and gut-wrenching lyrics and songs that stick in your head for days.
And now Charlotte Church is back to showcase her further maturing as an artist and play songs off her latest album, from which tracks The Rise and How Not To Be Surprised When You're A Ghost are big, building, angsty slowburners worthy of repeated listens.
I managed to make sense of it and wrote some ditties to deal with my angsty teenager things going on
She Makes War's angsty set came by the way of Hole.