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Synonyms for angst

Synonyms for angst

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an acute but unspecific feeling of anxiety

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Though it is a romance, it is also dark, angsty and often violent.
Even their marriage problems seem over-analysed and angsty - more imagined than real.
Angsty garage rock mostly about those snakes, women.
But, imagine how an angsty teen might feel, cooped up with her family for a road trip from Los Angeles to Colorado.
He plays a contract killer hunting crooks who robbed the Mob, but an angsty script and earnest acting slows the action to a near crawl.
New series THE DRIVER Tue BBC1 9pm David Morrissey is fast becoming television's go-to guy for playing angsty middle-aged men who reach a dangerous crossroads in their lives.
She said: "I wrote it at the lowest point of my life so it is angsty in places.
This 17-track record shows off a more mature side of Paramore - less angsty, less teenage problems, and gut-wrenching lyrics and songs that stick in your head for days.
Their 16th record is remarkably similar to the LA punk-rockers' prior releases - a blessing for loyal fans looking for the angsty lyrics and fast-paced tracks they have come to love, not so much if you were hoping for the band to have evolved since 2010's The Dissent Of Man.
She Makes War's angsty set came by the way of Hole.
On stage, he was skinny, in a black leather jacket and faded grey jeans, still doing that jerky, angsty, indie kid dancing and sending out those urgent, plaintive notes.
After the insipidly McFly-esque Matt Lonsdale and angsty US acoustic rockers Boyce Avenue the main act came on and you could understand why Harry, Liam, Niall, Zayn and Louis have become the pop darlings of the Twitter generation.
Tracks like Obsessions and Numb demonstrated her place as angsty role model, and allowed her to show off her vocal range.
If you don't know, crunk is a type of rap and, In a nutshell, screamo plus crunk equals cheesy raps mixed with angsty screeches.
I feel bored and I feel bummed out and angsty and all of those feelings you're supposed to grow out of.