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Synonyms for angst

Synonyms for angst

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an acute but unspecific feeling of anxiety

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Angst was born in Frauenfeld, Switzerland and received his formal education in local schools and Commercial College.
The average dollop of teen angst is debatably more sheltered than adult angst: it does not carry with it the additional traumas of credit card bills, finding a decent job or grappling with office politics.
Inspired by the claim of some historians that, by the twentieth century, as a result of a long term process fear for the external world was replaced by fears coming from within the individual psyche, the authors suggest that the changes they discuss may "fit into a larger Western transformation in which nineteenth-century confidence yielded to twentieth century Angst even in the cozy confines of the American middle class.
Lawrence Angst will join the company as senior vice president and GMM of home for the Proffitt's Merchandising Group.
For instance, not only is there major provider angst, but there also exists major patient angst.
Add some great descriptive narrative, humor, racism, sexual harassment, corporate politics and good old buppie angst and you've got Brothers and Sisters, a fictional account of a Los Angeles-based bank operations manager, Esther Jackson.
THE PROBLEMS THAT BEVERLY HILLS 90210 grapples with usually revolve around adolescent angst and teenage trauma.
We rely heavily on narcotics as the cornerstone medication for the relief of moderate to severe pain," said Martin Angst, MD, associate professor of anesthesia at the Stanford University School of Medicine and one of two principal investigators in a new study exploring individual variations in reactions to opiate use.
ANGST ANGST ANGST However, having been surrounded by teenagers for years, I can promise you that the vast majority are fantastic.
Angst writhes through her tone, along with dejection, rejection, frustration and humiliation.
Rencher writes an urban tale about relationships in a sincere manner that captures the voice of youth, happiness and angst.
They're concerned with the usual angst, exploration, and antics of the average dispossessed, but written very lucidly and with feeling.
NEWHALL - If Santa Claus had a teenage daughter, with the typical angst, sarcasm and indifference over what her parents do for a living, she might look a lot like Jingle Belle, a comic book character created by Paul Dini.
You don't have to see the artist's angst, and if you think about how Pop knocked Abstract Expressionism off its perch, it did it without dirtying its hands--which was a lovely thing after all that grime.
The angst that such software bugs cause may never be tallied, but analysts have now estimated the financial impact of those failures.