Angora rabbit

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domestic breed of rabbit with long white silky hair


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Franchesca, an Angora rabbit - the longest fur on a rabbit record |
You also can find spinning fibers from alpacas, llamas, Angora rabbits and Angora goats.
These observations were consistent to the higher maternal genetic heritability and permanent environment effect for growth traits in Angora rabbit (Niranjan et al., 2010).
Coleg Meirion-Dwyfor, Glynllifon director Alwyn Hughes said Stanley will be transported on a trailer to Rhos on Sea along with real hens, a prize-winning cockerel, a dog, an Angora rabbit and a cat.
angora rabbit it thinks is its mother, it dives out of her hands as from
Angora shawls are made of Angora wool obtained from Angora rabbit breed locally.
The angora rabbit breeder will represent his country at the combined World and European 24 hours Running Championships in Holland.
I am like a French Angora rabbit, bred for a thousand generations indoors.
Meet Wally, the Angora rabbit who lives in Massachusetts.
Other animal feats include the longest fur on a rabbit, which has been measured as 36.5 cm (14.37 inches) and belongs to two-yearold English Angora rabbit Franchesca from California.
Tortoise Bertie raced in at 0.6mph, while angora rabbit Franchesca has the longest fur at 14.37in
The long, soft fur of the Angora rabbit is frequently used for jumpers, hats and scarves with angora jumpers on sale in Topshop for [pounds sterling]36 and scarves in John Lewis for [pounds sterling]30.
It holds true for Angora rabbit as well, where the farmers concern primarily for growth and wool production; as the body weight is directly correlated to the wool yield of the animals (Jelinek et al., 1980; Garcia and Magofke, 1982; Singh et al., 2006).
She often takes her beloved Angora rabbit Bonito out and about, including on a popular recent trip to the Dudley Christmas lights switch-on.