Angora cat

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a long-haired breed of cat similar to the Persian cat

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The world population of Turkish Angora cats is about 2,000, of which only a tiny proportion are from Tony's strain - Angora's First Choice.
Dubai: A brown labrador and a Turkish Angora cat found themselves in a desperate situation last week.
When it comes to exemptions, Oregon's public records law is beginning to look a lot like black flannel suit that has been dragged through a room full of white angora cats. It's picked up a lot of extraneous and unbecoming material.
Strung together like celluloid jewels, the two or three films in each of the six "Garlands" in Wilcox's eponymous exhibition share a loose thematic link (Garland #6 also contains footage of flocks of swallows and a tale concerning the origin of angora cats).
Bengal tigers, hyenas, goats, Angora cats, oxen, and Turkish carpets." He explores the Cote d'Azur and climbs over the Roman ruins in Nimes, Axles, and Aix-en-Provence.