Angora cat

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a long-haired breed of cat similar to the Persian cat

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The world population of Turkish Angora cats is about 2,000, of which only a tiny proportion are from Tony's strain - Angora's First Choice.
The cat - Toni - who is owned by Mr Collins and his wife Joy, 41, is believed to be the only Turkish Angora cat in Britain to have a prized Ankara pedigree line.
When it comes to exemptions, Oregon's public records law is beginning to look a lot like black flannel suit that has been dragged through a room full of white angora cats.
Least squares means of fiber FD, H, B, T, and EL for two cat breeds in Turkey (Turkish Angora cats and Turkish Van cats) were reported earlier by Erat and Arikan (2012).
yet, there they were, three fluffy glow-in-the-dark Turkish Angora cats.