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Synonyms for Angora

the capital of Turkey

a domestic breed of goat raised for its long silky hair which is the true mohair

domestic breed of rabbit with long white silky hair

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a long-haired breed of cat similar to the Persian cat

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When using scissors, there is more of a chance of cutting your Angora. But here is a tip to using scissors.
The relationship between serum thyroxine level and quality of mohair in Angora goat.
Franchesca, an Angora rabbit - the longest fur on a rabbit record |
In recent years, they have broadened their horizon to include bison, yak, cashmere, angora and musk ox, among others.
While designers across the world make use of fur in bags and jackets, the black- andwhite campaign shoot urges fashionistas to ' Give cruelty the cold shoulder' and ' Say NO to Angora fur and wool'.
The talk outlined the history of the Angora goat from 2,000 years ago when it was only to be found in Turkey and subsequently reared in South Africa in 1838 and then the States in 1849, reaching a world wide production of 240,000 tons by the 1900s.
Mohair is the white, lustrous fiber produced by Angora goats.
(1996) recorded that fiberdiameters ranged from 12.6 m to 19.8 m for Angora rabbits fiber from different origins.
THE price of angora has dived as shoppers and stores continue to ditch the wool over the barbaric way it is farmed.
To that end, Flint Group introduced Lithocure ANGORA, a first true low migration UV offset range dedicated to narrow web printing.
Major brands Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger have joined a growing number of high street stores to ban the sale of angora wool products after controversial footage emerged of the cruel treatment of angora rabbits who are skinned alive for their fur.
Patterned sweater PS29 and skirt PS25 at | Coat PS85, dress PS80, heels PS45, earrings PS18, all from River Island | Pink coat PS98 (in stores Oct), bag PS20, crop top PS150, skirt PS38 and shoes PS58, all from Topshop | Pink angora jumper PS32.50 and skater skirt PS35 at Finishing touches | Pink and silver heels PS74 at | Cambridge Satchel Company pink matte leather satchel exclusive to PS99 | Pink flower collar PS14 at Topshop | Supra Skytop pink high top trainers PS75 at | Jacket PS39 and skirt PS25 from | Hat PS7.99 and jumper PS24.99, both from New Look
Many kinds of natural fibers can be spun: plant fibers such as cotton, nettle, linen, hemp, yucca; and animal fibers such as wool, alpaca, angora, mohair, yak or buffalo also spin well.
ANGORA ALIBI: A SEASIDE KNITTER'S MYSTERY provides a satisfying new mystery in the series and revolves around yarn shop owner Izzy and her husband, who are looking forward to a new baby until premonitions of disaster lead to murder.
Official sources said a 50-kilometer road from Wana to Angora Adda has been constructed at the cost of 38 million dollars in the tribal areas along Pak-Afghan borders in South Waziristan in collaboration with UAE.