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Synonyms for Angora

the capital of Turkey

a domestic breed of goat raised for its long silky hair which is the true mohair

domestic breed of rabbit with long white silky hair

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a long-haired breed of cat similar to the Persian cat

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The devastated site of this planting is the result of the Angora Fire of 2007, which started when an illegal campfire spread to the surrounding forest.
The softest fibers--especially mohair (from Angora goats) and angora (from Angora rabbits)--are usually spun into a foundation of Shetland fibers to create a stronger, loftier yarn.
Other Angora Fire rehabilitation information is available at the Joint Information Center Web site http://www.
I was in my senior-year college apartment in Austin enjoying free cable when I stumbled across what looked like an angora kitten in drag preaching the gospel and demanding cash love-gifts.
There will be competitions for beef and dairy cattle, pigs, sheep, angora goats, angora goat fleeces and lamb carcasses.
Angora (not shown) has about the same number of AIDS orphans as the number of AIDS deaths in Mozambique.
Strung together like celluloid jewels, the two or three films in each of the six "Garlands" in Wilcox's eponymous exhibition share a loose thematic link (Garland #6 also contains footage of flocks of swallows and a tale concerning the origin of angora cats).
1: Sticky Fingers pink tweed coat (pounds 170), Linea pink floral kimono top (pounds 60) and Sticky Fingers blush-pink tweed trousers (pounds 80), 2: Linea pink viscose floral dress (pounds 95), 3: TX Maxx suits (from pounds 30), 4: Nougat parfait angora ribbon-tie cardigan (pounds 70) and Sticky Fingers blush-pink tweed skirt (pounds 70), 5: TX Maxx dresses (from pounds 15)
Hand-knotted in Pakistan with Angora wool, Harounian's Angora Collection is said to mimic the look of popular Egyptian pieces in shades of cream, gold and sage.
William, 48, lives on Sanday where he breeds Angora rabbits.
Now in his mid-40s and living at home with his chain-smoking widowed mother Angora (Janice Spence), daughter and grandchild, and literally next door to "his Iris," Calvin is a boyish everyman attempting to navigate meaningful passage through a chaotic, crazed and changing world.
As early as the Fifteenth Century products of such manufacture in cotton, silk and angora textiles from Anatolia were already part of the export trade.
Her group's genetic analyses indicate that a known gene called angora is actually a variant of the gene for this growth factor.
Since the early 80s, Icelandic farmers have foundered, experimenting with salmon hatcheries, fox and mink ranches and the raising of Angora rabbits.
Getting the wool from animals other than sheep is not quite so simple Llamas and Angora goats and rabbits can't be sheared.