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Unhappy and frightened, Cuban teachers often disparaged their hosts in official reports, judging Angolans as undisciplined and lacking a work ethic, and denouncing them for cultural and social backwardness, for example citing an Angolan woman who "thought nothing of parading around with naked breasts, particularly in rural areas" (p.
The Angolan President said that he hoped that all those present had fundamental opinions on the electoral process, so that the best date could be reached.
Our participation in FILDA is a commitment to the Angolan economic transformation and an opportunity to showcase our offerings so that there can be trade, assisting South Africa to improve the trade deficit between the two countries," Nyalunga said in a statement released to PANA.
The new Angolan constitution, adopted in 2010, provides for the abolition of direct election of the president and stipulates that the head of the winning party in the election be head of state.
Summary: Angolan President Jose Eduardo dos Santos' ruling MPLA party appeared to be headed for a comfortable win in the country's election.
Angola Telecom, the state-owned fixed line operator, is to carry out a restructuring process "to better serve the public and interests of the state in the telecommunications field", stated Jose Carvalho da Rocha, Minister of Telecommunications and Information Technologies, during a television broadcast programme by Angolan Public Television (TPA).
Dubai Angolan tourists using electronic payment methods in the UAE have increased by 239.
Global Banking News-23 June 2010-HSBC discontinues relationship with Angolan banks(C)2010 ENPublishing - http://www.
And his people seemed to listen, as most Angolans got on with the business of watching football and partying, with few talking about the Cabinda incident.
Then there were the administrative hurdles to bringing five Angolans to Lebanon.
Synopsis: For the first time in 16 years, Angolans will be voting in national elections to choose their parliamentarians on Friday.
It's unjust to Dr Savimbi and Angolans when he is continually referred to as a "notorious, ignominious rebel leader" among other names.
Their first point in a World Cup was so historic, coach Luis Oliveira Goncalves called it a victory, ``the best result in the history of Angolan football'' and ``a party for Angolans.
While ordinary Angolans suffered through a profound humanitarian crisis, their government oversaw the suspicious disappearance of truly colossal sums of money," Arvind Ganesan, director of the Business and Human Rights Programme at the HRW group said.