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the basic unit of money in Angola

a festival featuring African-American culture


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The Angolan National Reserve bank has announced the introduction of new Angolan Kwanza coins into the market.
com/news/2012-09-30/angola-oil-law-taking-force-today-may-boost-liquidity) Bloomberg News reported on the latest action within that country to shore up the use and legitimacy of its currency -- the Angolan kwanza -- vis a vis widely circulated U.
Trouble arose when the workers, who were supposed to be paid $ 300 ( ` 16,312) each in overtime wages, were handed $ 100 ( ` 5,437), with the management deciding to pay the remaining amount in Angolan Kwanza, the local currency.
Now, it seems, the old park bencher is the first person every high ranking bank official from Mali to Momb as a thinks of first if he has to quietly get rid of lots of embarrassing millions of Ugandan Shillings, Angolan Kwanza or Swazi Lilangeni.