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a native or inhabitant of Angola

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The agreement was signed by Angolan Foreign Ministers Manuel Augusto and Venezuelan Minister of People and Foreign Affairs, Jorge Alberto, as part of his visit to Angola since Tuesday 20.
UTIP, whose function is to receive, analyse, and supervise private investments, also considered the impressive socio-economic impact potential of the Project on the broader Angolan economy in the approval process.
Cuban teachers also declined to learn Portuguese, assuming that Angolan students would understand their Spanish.
They consider their publication as a necessary complement to counter the South African perspective that is pre-dominant in earlier publications on the Angolan war.
BPI said that an agreement had been reached between its two main shareholders, CaixaBank and Isabel dos Santos, the daughter of the Angolan president, after a yearlong dispute.
The new constraints are: (i) a need -- in these sectors -- to have a partnership with Angolan citizens or Angolan companies, with the "Angolan Partner" having at least 35% of the share capital; and (ii) effective participation of the "Angolan Partner" in the management of the company, clearly stated in the shareholders' agreement.
South Sudanese foreign affairs and international cooperation, minister Barnaba Marial Benjamin, in reaction described as a "surprise and regrettable" the decision of the Angolan government to support the draft proposal.
She covers Diamang as apparatus: the production of Painted Walls of Lunda in 1953, the myth of analog Africa: the transition to information colonialism, Rebouco: post-independence art and Angolan socialism, and "rescue and visibility:" the digitalization of Painted Walls of Lunda and postwar Angolan art.
The Angolan insurance industry's growth prospects by segment and category
She and a group of friends used to meet every Saturday at a bookstore in the heart of the Angolan capital, Luanda.
Shaikh Mohammed bin Zayed receives Angolan President Jose Eduardo dos Santos and delegation in Abu Dhabi.
DUBAI: Emirates said on Tuesday it has signed an agreement with the Angolan government to take on a ten-year management role at the African country's national airline.
The protocol to host the games was signed in Luanda on Tuesday by Angolan Secretary of State for Sports Policy Albino da Concei?
Our participation in FILDA is a commitment to the Angolan economic transformation and an opportunity to showcase our offerings so that there can be trade, assisting South Africa to improve the trade deficit between the two countries," Nyalunga said in a statement released to PANA.
Baghdad/ Aswat al-Iraq: Iraqi Oil Ministry spokesman Asim Jihad declared that the ministry "will not put time limit for the Angolan oil company in developing Najma and Qayara oilfield, due to the security obstacles facing it in these areas".