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The start of the school year in September is a tense time in Cameroon's Anglophone regions.
Anglophones have since complained against the use of French in public institutions and schools as well as the adoption of the French-Cameroon legal system in courts across the country.
What strikes me now is both how prescient Rao was about the problems and perplexities of writing in English in his time and how much, despite the much-hyped story of a subcontinent "finding its voice" and writing comfortably in a language that it now fully accepted as its own, he anticipated the tensions, fractures, and lines of debate which shaped the Indian Anglophone novel well into the nineties.
In a culmination of ideas he has develop during many years, Andindilile investigates whether an Anglophone African literary-linguistic continuum exists, and if so what form dies it take in the varied works of Anglophone African writers.
Either anglophone radical poetry cannot exist without the suffering and exploitation of an Other, or it is unaccountably attached to the world.
The Routledge Companion to Pakistani Anglophone Writing is a stupendous collection of essays, serving as a comprehensive preamble to historical, regional, local, and global issues ambient to cross-cultural relations, which are imperative to the reading of Pakistani anglophone literature.
The simple fact that you were born in that region, schooled and very proficient in English language does not make you an Anglophone. This is because Anglophones are those whose parents must have their origin in one of the ethnic groups in Anglophone Cameroon.
Today, he's one of hundreds of anglophone men fighting with hunting rifles and magical amulets against the United States - and French-trained Cameroonian army in an attempt to win independence for a new country they call Ambazonia.
Separatists from the Anglophone community in the country stepped up a campaign for greater autonomy in 2016.
The country however has faced challenges during the past year, and the political agenda has been dominated most notably by what has been called the "Anglophone" problem.
"Transitive Cultures: Anglophone Literature of the Transpacific" by Christopher B.
Earlier, the university's Safdar Mir English Literary Circle organised a talk on 'The Pakistani Canon: Context, Criticism and the Making of the Pakistani Anglophone Literature' by the Muneeza Shamsie, a renowned critic, scholar and short-story writer.
LECTURE: PU Pakistan Study Centre organised a lecture on 'Nation, Narration, Borders: Representing National Identity in Pakistani Anglophone Literature' where University of Naples 'L'Orientale, Italy's Dr Daniela Vitolo said one of the main features defining the Pakistani Anglophone literature was that it tended to bring into conversation the local and the global.