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a person who hates England and everything English

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Yes, plausibly, the American West's alterity "served to reconfigure the parameters of British culture" (110), Thoreau's Anglophobic "American relationship to the land" follows suit (87), along with Wilde's ambivalence, T.
During the Jeffersonian era, planters balanced their lust for British markets with America's Anglophobic foreign policy.
At the 2011 opening of the newly-elected Scottish Parliament, Salmond evoked Robert the Bruce and William Wallace, but as voices of the past rather than of an Anglophobic present.
Alas, the Macarthyite degree of opprobrium cast against BP chief executive Tony Hayward is part and parcel of Obama's increasingly Anglophobic America.
Alas, the Mc-Carthyite degree of opprobrium cast against BP chief executive Tony Hayward is part and parcel Obama's increasingly Anglophobic America.
(2) Readers have recognized the Americanism at the heart of Whitman's conception of his work since Leaves of Grass was first published, and Kenneth Price's study of Whitman's relationship to British tradition has highlighted the Anglophobic commitments that underwrite Whitman's nationalist persona.
They and much of the public in England believe that many nationalists are ultimately Anglophobic and commit an injustice to demean and deemphasize the enormous historical and contemporary cultural ties between Scotland and the rest of the UK, from the Scottish involvement in the growth and development of the British Empire to the cultivation of the English language and achievements in the arts, sciences and sports.
Buchanan is an Anglophobic, "Old Right" conservative who despises the neoconservative agenda of foisting democracy on foreign states, waging preventive war to forestall challenges to US global military supremacy, and promoting Israel's interests in the Middle East.
His openness to English and American influences brought Coubertin into conflict with his Anglophobic countrymen (Guttmann, 1992).
Only the Physiocrats, a majority of them anglophobic, contested the proposition that the turnpike pattern might be applied in France, preferring taxation of landowners instead.
If the French, until recently, found less pleasure in visiting London (French refugees--from aristocrats fleeing the guillotine to de Gaulle--usually departed more anglophobic than they arrived), once there they found much to admire and envy.
displays the sort of Anglophobic bigotry one has come to expect from those who would deny England a democratic voice.
The rest of the cast meets the standard social criteria for the mayhem movie: Tom, the quasi-Neanderthal football player and Owen's roommate (Jared Padalecki); Mercedes, the slowwitted sexpot (Sandra McCoy); Randall, the abusive and apparently Anglophobic piercing enthusiast (Jesse Janzen); Lewis, the black guy (Paul James); and Regina, the Asian girl (Kristy Wu).
Here is the new French premier, the notoriously Anglophobic and anti-American Dominique de Villepin--who has written a book about Napoleon--writing about the Elysee palace in his 2002 work The Cry of the Gargoyle: Napoleon and de Gaulle still haunt these walls.