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a person who hates England and everything English

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Here is the new French premier, the notoriously Anglophobic and anti-American Dominique de Villepin--who has written a book about Napoleon--writing about the Elysee palace in his 2002 work The Cry of the Gargoyle:
It's precisely because we do care about this region that we are fighting the proposals put forward by Blair's Anglophobic government.
Lyons to Irish nationalism, and their benign attitude to British colonial rule serves merely to replace an Anglophobic version of Irish history with an Anglocentric one.
Accordingly, Boland sought expedient alliances with largely non-Irish constituencies, such as American suffragettes, as well as with such naturally anglophobic personalities as William Randolph Hearst.
The Defenders, no matter how illustrative they were of the stresses and strains of Irish society and representative of sectarian and Anglophobic elements of the folk memory, made a mockery of the imagined community expressed in the United Irishmen's name.
The difference in treatment for the two sons of Quebec, one honoured by his government for writing anglophobic, anti-Canadian poetry, the other damned by official faint praise," he writes, "confirmed what Mr.
Intensely Anglophobic, Stilwell could not bear to see an American unit operating under a British commander.
Not that Nairn was ever resigned to thinking that anglophobic Scots like himself would have to endure London rule in perpetuity.
I SUSPECT rabble-rousing Roseanna Cunningham's cowardly attack on the Royal family (The Mirror February 2, 2000) was a pathetic attempt to divert public attention from the Anglophobic bigotry of her fellow nationalists.
While Britain and Canada finally established some measure of air-sea co-operation, US Admiral King handcuffed the US Army Air Force to the point that their effectiveness was severely limited (his anglophobic tendencies also had a serious effect on Western Atlantic operations).
On the diplomatic front, it will should shift power in Europe away from the Franco-German axis (Lafontaine's French counterpart, the Anglophobic Dominique Strauss-Khan, was his only apologist) towards a French, German, British triumvirate.
At the same time, by emphasizing the need of annexing Texas in order to stave off a feared British domination of the Lone Star Republic, Cass appealed to expansionist and Anglophobic sentiments in the North as the most likely means of winning support in that area where antislavery sentiments tended to create opposition to the annexation of territory that would strengthen southern slave forces.
Instead of fawning over presumptuous opinion pollsters, special interest groups, Punch & Judy and Anglophobic European Union officials or persecuting the father of one of his potential successors over a non-issue, Prof Bourne should concentrate on devising practical reforms that provide real benefits for the people of Wales.
How can Scotland ever be serious about tackling racism and sectarianism in sport when influential people like the First Minister pander to Anglophobic prejudices by making such stupid comments?
Being part Scottish and therefore mildly Anglophobic, I hope an English Parliament never happens.