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dislike (or fear) of Britain and British customs

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It is true that the most strident demonizing of Britain has come from right-wing Americans with Zionist affiliations who imply that Britain has sold out to the Arab world and placed itself on the wrong side in the "clash of civilizations," but at present their implacable Anglophobia seems to be a common American sentiment.
He places Mitchel's anglophobia in the context of the times.
This time Austen is the victim, not the benefactor, of the French Revolution, as Denmark suffered from an understandable and persistent Anglophobia following Britain's capture of the Danish fleet in 1801 and bombing of Copenhagen in 1807.
But that does not prevent him from taking a certain mischievous pleasure in pointing out that these accusations are nothing new or in relishing the recitation of highlights from the long history of Anglophobia and anti-Americanism.
The English are beginning to get fed-up with Scotland's mindless Anglophobia and, like me, are deeply resentful of the huge amounts of English taxpayers' money going to Scotland.
Both are tall for their position, both prefer to advance the ball in hand rather than through the air but - crucially - one was roared on by the thick end of 75,000 fanatics tanked up on Brains and Anglophobia.
At the same time, the reader is left wondering how Stilwell's irascible behavior and Anglophobia is linked to (or excused by) his patriotism.
Southerners rekindled Scottish nationalist sentiment and Anglophobia.
The prevalent Anglophobia led to statutes which prohibited the use of English legal materials in court proceedings.
Specialist subjects: useless languages, narrow mindedness, Anglophobia and chips on shoulders.
Richard Brown's piece, 'Cyclopean Anglophobia and Transnational Community' is considerably more substantial, but, again, Brown cannot easily be linked to traditions of cultural studies and historical criticism.
In colorful detail, An Army at Dawn describes the impediments to Allied teamwork: initial and bloody Vichy hostility, pervasive American anglophobia, overweening British arrogance, the bizarre habits of colonial troops, and recurrent international mishaps or failures to perform.
With this Confederate background went, in Francis's case, a passionate concern for British history: this concern being rare among Americans, whose besetting ideological vices--especially before Blair became a transatlantic fashion-plate--have been apt to include Anglophobia.
15) But Peter's faith in civilization, his belief that the problems in Northern Irish society stem from 'a few out-dated shibboleths' proves almost as callow as his father's unthinking Anglophobia.
This was not Bill's department at all, and wouldn't have been anyway, considering the high incidence in university English departments of cant or envy, erotomania, xenophobia, homophobia, anglophobia, francophobia, pedantry, parsimony, and outright fascism.