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a person who hates England and everything English

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The US Patriot war is usually quickly dismissed as the work of a few Anglophobes and adventurers seeking land and coin.
the Aussie anglophobes would insist-in sticking to the far rail, even if, as he claims, he felt his horse needed something to run against.
As a Revolutionary War ally and an (oft-times) fellow republican democracy, nineteenth century France did not carry the negative imagery generated toward England by American Anglophobes.
The word, 'Scottis', seems to have been first used in this way during the 1490s by the herald Adam Loutfut; in the sixteenth century it was similarly employed by Douglas, and occasionally by Catholics and anglophobes, such as the author of The Complaynt of Scotland (1550).
Anglophiles, obviously, take note; but even Anglophobes responsible for music collections, if any there were, would feel sympathetic here.
His challenge: to turn his clients' mascot into the cultural touchstone for Spanish speakers that it is for Anglophobes.
If the traitors and Anglophobes who dominate Westminster have their way, the English will never have representation.
All you Anglophobes will have your day soon enough when they come unstuck.
The problem often with reading the letters page of the Western Mail is that an expression of genuine concern about the survival of a culture can be misinterpreted as blatant bigotry whilst blatant Anglophobes often borrow the language of genuine concern for the language and culture.
I want England to have what the Scots and Welsh have, a National Parliament, then the English can pursue their interests without interference from Anglophobes.
The same applies to all the other Anglophobes whose undoubted love of country and culture - ironically, through the short-sighted policies they promote, motivated often by misplaced resentment - threatens to suffocate both.
Buruma throws in a couple of influential Anglophobes for good measure.
But while Voltaire's influence on England's public image was important enough, its principal legacy has been to serve as a flattering mirror in which the English themselves have preened ever since, for on the continent the French Revolution and the excesses of the Terror soon brought about an Anglophobe reaction, with Voltaire and the English liberty he championed perceived as far more radical than in fact they ever were.
The authors analyse the legal and diplomatic issues clearly and laud the peacemakers who triumphed over the forces of anger and discord, whether American borderlanders, jingo editors, professional Anglophobes, or politicians who parroted partisan prejudices with their eyes firmly fixed on upcoming elections.
But then when we are outing ourselves at every opportunity as rabid Anglophobes who allegedly want to throttle every Sassenach, is it really surprising they are frightened, or that World In Action comes up with daft (and offensive) stunts to prove we are likely to lynch the English from our lamp-posts?