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a person who hates England and everything English

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I have noticed in the last two months that the Anglophobes from the Yes for the North East campaign like SW or PS have been very quiet, where previously they were so scornful of the idea of an English parliament.
They were caught in a syndrome described and diagnosed by Douglas Hyde: anglophobes who were also anglophiles, eternally denouncing the culture which they rushed to imitate.
For instance, in 1713 the French Consulate commented that the Portuguese were happy with the end of war (War of the Spanish Succession, 1701-1713) and that they had never wanted to be at war with the French because the Portuguese were primarily Anglophobes.
The US Patriot war is usually quickly dismissed as the work of a few Anglophobes and adventurers seeking land and coin.
By painting the war as a struggle against the "English" traits of parliamentarianism and consumerism, German Anglophobes could advance the causes of aristocratic order and monarchical principle--two "laudable" values they hoped victory would help perpetuate.
the Aussie anglophobes would insist-in sticking to the far rail, even if, as he claims, he felt his horse needed something to run against.
Once we were in, the empire was accused by our Anglophobes of charging rent for the use of British trenches at the front
It galvanized a public largely uncertain and uninformed of his aims, except for anti-war groups and Anglophobes.
As a Revolutionary War ally and an (oft-times) fellow republican democracy, nineteenth century France did not carry the negative imagery generated toward England by American Anglophobes.
The poignancy of a stateless, exiled president, attended by his heroic generals, dying in exile, was not lost on European nationalists and anglophobes.
35) This river reached its full majesty and force as the various tributaries--military mercantilists, New Deal dirigistes, Anglophobes, oil executives turned government advisors, and a caste of career State Department officers desperate to play the "great game" in the Middle East--came together; and also as, predictably, a counter-coalition organized to try to dam this thundering Niagara of corporate internationalism.
Anglophiles, obviously, take note; but even Anglophobes responsible for music collections, if any there were, would feel sympathetic here.
His challenge: to turn his clients' mascot into the cultural touchstone for Spanish speakers that it is for Anglophobes.
If the traitors and Anglophobes who dominate Westminster have their way, the English will never have representation.
All you Anglophobes will have your day soon enough when they come unstuck.