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an admirer of England and things English

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Second, it has the imprimatur of being a British class act, and snob appeal goes a long ways on Broadway, especially "among the homegrown Anglophilic crix.
Her Anglophilic credentials were reinforced by a celebrity marriage in 2003 to English ex-public schoolboy, Chris Martin, the lead singer of the internationally successful rock group, Coldplay.
Another, an anglophilic professor in Virginia, had a Greek friend who believed the Bush administration had faked the 9/11 attacks and hoped an Obama victory would persuade Greeks and Britons alike that the United States had rejoined the civilized world.
Anglophilic philology disappeared from the American academic scene long ago.
The purchase of Chawton House presaged a late-twentieth-century boom in "Austenism tourism" generated by "a nostalgic, anglophilic notion of 'heritage': the premise that Chawton, Steventon, Winchester and Bath .
And it makes reading her work quite a different experience from that furnished by the product of the New York, but particularly academic, literati, laced as the latter is with a smooth, nuanced, Anglophilic gentility.
Sai's closeness with the cook draws the disapprobation of Sai's tutor, an anglophilic spinster, who opines, "It was important to draw the lines properly between classes or it harmed everyone on both sides of the great divide.
This meant rebelling against the routines, budgets and rituals of a variety of targets: the Protectorate government headed by the Governor; the kingdom of Buganda's administration with its inadequate chiefs and anglophilic playboy king; the Church of Uganda and CMS; the Catholic Church and White Fathers; Indians and other businessmen; and, generally, anyone who sought peaceful accommodations among races, classes, ethnicities, age groups, or political factions.
This worldview relied on the old Russian liberal bureaucratic notion of an enlightened, absolutist Rechtsstaat, tempered by an Anglophilic adoration of common law and historically evolved institutions.
Valbuena's thesis seems to be driven by her work with Spanish and Catholic archives that tend to be overlooked by Anglophilic scholars.
So much so that when Black Flag appeared on the scene in 1977, "the band's suburban T-shirt, sneakers, and jeans look flew in the face of the consumptive, safety-pin and leather jacket pose of the Anglophilic L.
According to what most of us learned in high school, the new Republic in the 1790s was suffering under the dual lash of a New York-based creditor class and a group of overbearing, Anglophilic New Englanders.
What also played against the Federalists was the ease with which their mercantile program could be denounced as Anglophilic, especially after the Jay Treaty of 1794.
Invoking the history of her ancestors, and their tragic destroy under the Spanish empire, Vando makes another link to the contemporary conquistadors, who inundate the insular culture of Puerto Rico with American symbols in their unsuccessful bid to assimilate the Spanish-speaking, Catholic, and multiracial Puerto Ricans into the Anglophilic, Protestant nation.
28) Neither the given name of "Talcott" nor the nickname of "Misha" reflects African-American naming traditions; the former is Anglophilic and the latter idiosyncratic.