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an admirer of England and things English

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Whereas other port cities such as Penang became quite anglophilic and multiethnic, Burmese intellectuals to a large extent rejected cosmopolitanism, instead reviving older loyalties and making claims to being a culturally homogeneous nation.
Sadly that's no longer the case as Australia has apparently devolved into a namby-pamby society of effete urbanites, hen-pecked by anglophilic nannies and socialist, world-citizen politicians who revel in Australia's rugged history while criminalizing and quashing any hint of Such thought or action in present day.
(37) Hegemonic dissolution, if the phrase still has relevance, in its advanced phases is not just the rebellious distancing of subaltern classes from the Anglophilic, Christian and creole notions of the traditional Jamaican middle classes, but the creation of substantially new cultural and philosophical spaces, which incorporate, among others, the following elements.
After the anglophilic Goldings version, this is the all-American of the group, with a big, bold hop aroma and character.
For this apparent shortcoming, Keynes' critics have labeled him "ethnocentric," or, even worse, "anglophilic," but then he just as easily could be considered as a man of his time and place for failing to understand that Western technology easily could be replicated almost anywhere and that the resulting consequences later would undermine the economic superiority of the West.
As Finlay pointed out with reference to the anglophilic James Boswell, 'Scottish identity surfaced when British identity' was denied.
The book begins in 1951 in London, where Moynihan spent three years on a Fulbright scholarship and acquired his anglophilic tics.
Second, it has the imprimatur of being a British class act, and snob appeal goes a long ways on Broadway, especially "among the homegrown Anglophilic crix.
Her Anglophilic credentials were reinforced by a celebrity marriage in 2003 to English ex-public schoolboy, Chris Martin, the lead singer of the internationally successful rock group, Coldplay.
Another, an anglophilic professor in Virginia, had a Greek friend who believed the Bush administration had faked the 9/11 attacks and hoped an Obama victory would persuade Greeks and Britons alike that the United States had rejoined the civilized world.
Further collaborations, on the part of those involved with the stage/screen production of these texts, are evident in the creation of an 'Anglophilic' stage version of Kenilworth and in the significance of the actors' professional past in the process of a new production of Mrs Dalloway.
Anglophilic philology disappeared from the American academic scene long ago.
The purchase of Chawton House presaged a late-twentieth-century boom in "Austenism tourism" generated by "a nostalgic, anglophilic notion of 'heritage': the premise that Chawton, Steventon, Winchester and Bath ...
And it makes reading her work quite a different experience from that furnished by the product of the New York, but particularly academic, literati, laced as the latter is with a smooth, nuanced, Anglophilic gentility.
Sai's closeness with the cook draws the disapprobation of Sai's tutor, an anglophilic spinster, who opines, "It was important to draw the lines properly between classes or it harmed everyone on both sides of the great divide." The retired judge is likewise prone to class-based judgments.