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an admirer of England and things English

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So much so that when Black Flag appeared on the scene in 1977, "the band's suburban T-shirt, sneakers, and jeans look flew in the face of the consumptive, safety-pin and leather jacket pose of the Anglophilic L.
Invoking the history of her ancestors, and their tragic destroy under the Spanish empire, Vando makes another link to the contemporary conquistadors, who inundate the insular culture of Puerto Rico with American symbols in their unsuccessful bid to assimilate the Spanish-speaking, Catholic, and multiracial Puerto Ricans into the Anglophilic, Protestant nation.
Boxing icon Jose Sulaiman disagrees with that remark in an entertaining interview on the virtues and international marketability of homegrown fighters, but soccer's roots run deep here as revealed by reporter loan Grillo in an Anglophilic piece on a small Hidalgo town considered the birthplace of Mexico's favorite game.
Naipaul momentarily lets his Anglophilic slip show here when he offhandedly recalls that: "More gifted men and women have come from [New Zealand's] population of three million than from the twenty-three millions of Argentines.
The Anglophilic role in the magazine was [always] large; some issues had more English than American contributors.
The Ottawa-born Carter, famously Anglophilic in that weirdiy intense Canadian way (Spy, in fact, was modeled after the British magazine Private Eye), apparently hoped that Young would bring his British attitude to Vanity Fair in particular and New York in general.
Jones dissects the unexamined assumptions Americans have about the English, and shows how English people respond to these often Anglophilic perceptions.
Like Cardozo, Holmes was a brilliant, classically-trained Anglophilic aristocrat.
Borges was a Spanish-speaking anglophilic writer of Jewish descent who lived in Buenos Aires, a peripheral and culturally hybrid place.
And although the English-speaking Marseille postman seemed decidedly Anglophilic when he disallowed two Spanish "goals" for offside in the Euro 96 quarter-final at Wembley, Hoddle warned his men.
Now the painting is back at the Huntington Art Gallery, in a room filled with landscapes, adjacent to the Anglophilic institution's prize possession, Gainsborough's portrait of ``The Blue Boy.
To be sure, neutral partisanship, particularly in its more Anglophilic manifestations, does instill a measure of seen-but-not-heard, self-effacing servility, and moral activism all too easily degenerates into moral narcissism or unnecessary martyrdom.
10) It is interesting to compare William Wells Brown's Anglophilic Three Years in Europe (1852) and The American Fugitive in Europe: Sketches of Places and People Abroad (1854) with Seacole's Wonderful Adventures, considering the pride its author takes in her colonial status.
Although the antebellum elite's use of the holiday for public displays ended during the Civil War when the volunteer regiments stopped being featured in the parades, Evacuation Day's relationship with the city's increasingly Anglophilic upper class created more cultural distance than working-class Irish-Americans could readily bridge.