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an admirer of England and things English

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For Riemer, the child of emigre parents from Budapest, ambivalence rules inside academe's Anglophiliac discourse of English Literature, and a conflicting current of ambivalence besets relations to the Sydney milieu outside the bulwark of virginia-creeper covered sandstone.
Riemer believes that this was the time when the old, Anglophiliac dispensation could have swallowed the new cultural diversity:
This is part of a stretch of Antin's text attacking the anglophiliac excesses and other absurdities perpetuated by the critic Harold Bloom.
This is a study of the Justices and their jurisprudence before John Marshall - that of the Jay and Ellsworth courts - during the period before Thomas Jefferson took office, and when the Federalist party (the Anglophiliac conservatives who served in the Washington and Adams administrations and shared the views of Washington's brilliant and accomplished secretary of the treasury, Alexander Hamilton) dominated not only the executive and the judiciary, but also the Congress.
In contrast to Williamson's rather insular Anglophiliac upbringing, Robert Drewe, a novelist and short story writer whose first book appeared in 1975, was very familiar with American culture and literature during his formative years.