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admiration for Britain and British customs

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Mulleady and Gilchrist's song also demonstrates that their Anglophilia and support of the status quo spring from a desperate desire to maintain their marginal socio-economic position, caught between their '[e]mployers' and 'the rough' and, despite their best efforts to please, eventually being 'flung upon the shelf'.
99) I'M not sure if Madonna's renowned Anglophilia extends to cricket but, if so, she'll doubtless be fascinated to learn that while she was celebrating her 24th birthday in 1982 Warwickshire were in the process of being bowled out for 174 by Middlesex at Coventry's Courtaulds ground despite a defiant 102 from Asif Din that encompassed a 142 stand with fifth-wicket partner Paul Smith.
The volume's most valuable contribution is perhaps its invitation to further reflect on the relevance of Borges's Anglophilia not only for his criticism and his literary production, but also for his rarely discussed political views.
Ina sense, it is British culture itself that becomes the fantasy in The Sorcerer's Stone as the text indulges a long-standing tradition of American Anglophilia.
Stael's Anglophilia did not go unnoticed in Britain, particularly among those who had been inspired by De l'Allemagne (1810-13) and its program of social critique and nationalist aesthetics.
But what is truly astonishing about the paper's unabashed Anglophilia over these rocks is that it ignores completely an important part of American diplomatic history familiar to every eighth-grade history student.
What we have here, I fear, is further evidence of the incorrigible Anglophilia of the American liberal Left.
The expansive Vanderbilt Hall, which remains mercifully intact, is awash in Georgian-style Anglophilia, while the Holy Trinity Chapel was a small and compact exercise in ultramodern Brutalism that squatted on a small plot of land at the corner of Thompson Street and Washington Square South.
French Anglophilia among the upper classes contributed to the growth of "Anglophone periodicals, reading rooms (salons litteraires) and bookshops" (Mandeal and Southam 2007, 35).
Readers will be forewarned that a satisfactory passage of this more-than-500-page torrent of data, description and allusion may require public television-level Anglophilia.
A London Scrapbook" is a unique look at a strange move in life, highly recommended to readers who suffer from a mild case of Anglophilia themselves.
As Clinton and McCain treated drivers to both glad-handing and creeping Anglophilia (in America we take gas tax "vacations" thank you) by offering to lift the 18.
If his music casually shrugs off Spain's longtime musical Anglophilia in exchange for thick harmonies and tribal rhythms, that's just a reflection of a mindstate he attributes to the Canaries.
Sit back and indulge your Anglophilia with Rule Brittania at 3 p.
From these influences, in Kirk's case, a kind of double-edged Anglophilia resulted.