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admiration for Britain and British customs

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After 1990, French loans lose their prestige and start being gradually replaced by Anglicisms, in the context of anglophilia present in the mass-media and especially in the languae of the youth.
The Hermitage's collection of 370 items of British silver dates largely from the 18th century when Russian Anglophilia was at its peak.
In this regression of anglophilia (or perhaps progression of proto-post-colonial consciousness), Gulliver, through his linguistic acquisitions, becomes a satire of the colonialist fear that increased exposure to native customs and ideas would weaken the traveler's loyalty to England, English, and their moral character.
And beginning in the 1980s, those conservatives who had come of age in the 1950s and who were within a generation of Chesterton's death were themselves passing from the scene, and with them the force of the Anglophilia and quasi-reactionary Catholicism that had energized many early conservatives.
But perhaps, just as Heyman's "Harry Potter" series cannily fostered global Anglophilia through universal storytelling, this intrepid traveler can forge a similar path to more modest international success.
Billy's dad would puff thoughtfully on his pipe, an affectation acquired in a recent and alarming burst of Anglophilia. At dinner, whenever Billy's morn reacted in amazement to something he or his older brother and sister said, her preferred exclamation was "Lord." Billy had never heard of a Jew saying "Lord," with the possible exception of Moses.
A future two-part documentary now in the planning and fundraising stages ("you're always trying to raise funds,'' Kolker said) would look at Anglophilia in this country, as evidenced by the popularity of such shows as "Downton Abbey.''
"For real Anglophilia, I thought, you should be driving from the Durham railway station, just before twilight, up North Road, Potters Bank and Elvet Hill Road, narrow, green,
A kind of reactionary Anglophilia spurred Lovecraft to reject the American Revolution.
And because of his intense Anglophilia, which over time came to express itself in a general disdain for Russian policy positions, he often presented Whitehall's views on pressing issues as his own.
(32) It was not until his experience as a soldier during World War II that Ward's zealous Anglophilia was displaced by an equally passionate Australian nationalism.
Somewhat forgotten is that Olivet's dynamism under Brewer was not limited to a sort of anglophilia. Brewer promoted an international spectrum of liberal artists.
Secondly, note the character's Anglophilia together with the description of his parents' frame of mind, which coincide with those of the author: