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an admirer of England and things English

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A source said: "Both Jay and Beyonce are Anglophiles and have been toying with the idea of getting a pad for a couple of years now.
Anglophiles Bill Kristol, Robert Kagan, and Richard Perle are among the International Patrons of the Society.
While Anglophiles may chuckle knowingly at the jokes about political commentator/quiz show host Jeremy Paxman, it's difficult for an American reader to imagine a high-profile anti-littering public awareness campaign based on a reference to oral sex.
A COMPUTER-ANIMATED movie for pint-size Anglophiles who possess an encyclopedic knowledge of British World War II B-movies, ``Valiant'' is, pardon the pun, a strange bird indeed.
Armchair travelers, Anglophiles, and visitors to England will enjoy this attractive volume on English architectural monuments and literary writings associated with them from the time of Bede to the present.
This will attract future history majors, Anglophiles, and serious students of world history.
John, pictured right, who gave up full-time work because of ill health, said: ``People are not interested in fancy British foods unless they are Anglophiles.
Representatives from the Heart of England Tourist Board, which champions tourism across the region, are preparing to woo American Anglophiles with romantic images and enticing slogans next month.
This friend is a writer in his late thirties, scion of an old and distinguished New England literary family, WASPS and Anglophiles all.
Anglophiles, obviously, take note; but even Anglophobes responsible for music collections, if any there were, would feel sympathetic here.
A sweeping Dickensian melodrama, "Coram" aims to pull in the same Anglophiles who helped make the eight-hour "Nicholas Nickleby" a hit in the 1980s.
As an English person,I can't see how these anglophiles, who obviously think they are so superior to other racial groups,get away with it.
Anglophiles apart, the Requiem is tailor-made for the English choral sound, heard here in all its cleanly enunciated diction and glorious bloom under Tim Brown, Clare College director of music.
Certainly the company and its CEO are both Anglophiles.
What remains is a factual commentary that debunks many of the traditionally accepted notions long held by anglophiles on both sides of the Atlantic.