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an excessive enthusiasm for all things English

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Ultimately, however, Morgan's interactions with Chinese characters, especially the "Anglomaniac" Chinese human trafficker, Sing, and his outrage against American tourists voyeuristically interested in Asian culture highlight his precarious place in the American racial hierarchy.
This is the credible basis of Hemingway's "Anglomaniac" Chinese Sing, who mediates between American smugglers and Chinese stowaways in order to make easy money at the transit point of illegal migration.
At the outset, English correctness reinforced by snobbery and further backed up by what Mencken calls "Anglomaniacs" prevailed over American latitudinarian inventiveness.
The Anglomaniacs of this day are not driven into exile and despoiled of their possessions.
As the Irish-American and the New York Sun grasped in denouncing the 'Anglomaniacs' who dominated the centennial, Anglophilia revealed the elite's cultural aspirations and self-identity as an aristocracy.
The quote regards her work, Anglomaniacs, published in 1890.
she had on several occasions successfully published works regarding the social issues of gender and race through the use of narrative strategies, with her most popular success, The Anglomaniacs (New York: Cassell, 1890), progressively addressing issues of gender.
I FIND it incomprehensible that some Anglomaniacs in Anglesey have been asking for the Union Jack to be flown at the County Council headquarters at Llangefni, together with the Red Dragon and EU flags.
That information will doubtless put the noses of some of our most extreme Anglomaniacs in Wales out of joint.