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an excessive enthusiasm for all things English

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Designer divas will love these Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Lady Dragon heart heels, PS150, ?
(1967), considered that anglomania was very dangerous and suggested that school, the Academy and mass-media should take a firm stand against it.
694), but also as an object of 'Anglomania' in South-Eastern Europe, where English has recently replaced Turkish, Greek, German or French as the lingua franca of choice, or as an instrument of 'self-colonization' (p.
Home Secretary Theresa May, 57, drew gasps from the crowd at this week's Conservative Party conference in a PS1190 Anglomania trouser suit by designer Vivienne Westwood.
Metallic gold top, [euro]342, Vivienne Westwood; Anglomania gold metallic pencil skirt, [euro]143, Almost Famous.
(14) A Giuseppe Rovatti: <<[...] non ri lasciate sedurre da quell'anglomania che regna da qualche anno in qua in alcuna parte d'Italia (n.
Section 26, Leibniz and the Radical Enlightenment, and Section 27, Anglomania: the 'Triumph' of Newton and Locke; p 502-27.
I love brands like Anglomania and I'm a big jacket fanatic.
"Hawthorne's Politics of Storytelling: Two 'Tales of the Province House' and the Specter of Anglomania in the Democratic Review." American Periodicals 14.1 (2004): 35-62.
Entre esos extranjerismos cobran especial relevancia los anglicismos, que producen lo que este autor denomina la 'anglomania juvenil', debido a la irresistible influencia angloamericana, sobre todo de la cultura underground, "que se manifiesta a traves de la droga, el rock y los comics", destacando tambien el papel desempenado por las revistas marginales, que
This fledging consumer culture was in place by the 1830s, according to Ellen Moers, who describes the Anglomania that became all the rage in the fertile soil of Louis Phillipe's July Monarchy as a "cheap commodity, compounded of fads and foolishness" (114).
Make your way to the Vivienne Westwood boutique in Cavern Walks in Mathew Street, tomorrow and get yourself 30% off the Anglomania (excluding pre-collection), Red Label, Gold Label and MAN menswear collections.