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an excessive enthusiasm for all things English

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Taming the Gods no es Inventing Japan (10), Occidentalism: The West in the Eyes of Its Enemies (11) ni Voltaire's Coconuts, or Anglomania in Europe (12).
I love brands like Anglomania and I'm a big jacket fanatic.
Hawthorne's Politics of Storytelling: Two 'Tales of the Province House' and the Specter of Anglomania in the Democratic Review.
This fledging consumer culture was in place by the 1830s, according to Ellen Moers, who describes the Anglomania that became all the rage in the fertile soil of Louis Phillipe's July Monarchy as a "cheap commodity, compounded of fads and foolishness" (114).
Make your way to the Vivienne Westwood boutique in Cavern Walks in Mathew Street, tomorrow and get yourself 30% off the Anglomania (excluding pre-collection), Red Label, Gold Label and MAN menswear collections.
Designed for Melissa (a Brazilian shoe company) by English design icon Vivienne Westwood, the Anglomania black flat with tortoise bow actually molds to the foot as you wear it.
Moreover, the author underscores the fact that French neo-Gothic had its roots in a minor aspect of Anglomania, starting in the late 1780s.
The undeniable victory of Newtonian natural science and Voltaire's Anglomania has led many historians of the Enlightenment to the conviction that the dominant current in eighteenth-century thought was Lockean empiricism and antimaterialism.
The model, who was pictured in a sexy shoot for Anglomania magazine, has even launched her own range of sizzling undies.
De inmediato vienen a la mente la evocacion de Karl Marx hecha por uno de sus primeros biografos, Isaiah Berlin, o la de otros distinguidos miembros de la pleyade de exiliados politicos en Londres que de manera vivida retrata Ian Buruma en Anglomania.
Josephine Grieder, Anglomania in France, 1740-1789: Fact, Fiction, and Political Discourse (Geneva: Droz, 1985).
Swann's trips to Ravenna, his admiration of Botticelli, his friends' Anglomania, and his tendency to see beloved faces in well-known paintings all derive from the now-forgotten Lys rouge.
Chapter 1 situates Proust's work in the context of French Anglomania and identifies the English origins of his literary career.
For example, Anglomania among late 1850s Russian liberals did not lead to the spread of utilitarian values, while Western Enlightenment ideas coexisted with anxiety about political stability.
Para Tom Burns Maranon, del mismo modo que la anglomania reune a quienes encontraron en Inglaterra un luminoso lugar de reposo intelectual para sus fatigados espiritus, la hispanomania es "el estudio de quienes vieron (y ven) en Espana un lugar diferente, caracterizado por lo sorpresivo y envuelto en emociones fuertes, en el cual intrepidos viajeros podian desenvolverse a gusto" (2002: 17).