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belief in the superiority of one's own ethnic group

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Just as the reader is not treated to a romance with the emerging power of cultural China in her poetry, one also finds no safe or comfortable refuge in the high culture of Anglocentrism.
Indeed, by using French examples to illustrate aspects of the world system, we can move away from the field's Anglocentrism.
He has argued extensively in his previous writings that Scotland has a history separate from England's, that Britishness has often been Englishness enlarged, and that academics have been inclined to allow Anglocentrism to swamp their work in the pursuit of a "new British history.
Latterly his subtle and canny works have suffered undue neglect, both from promoters of critical anglocentrism and from Scots readers who detected in the Castalians a decadence pointing forebodingly to the Union of the Crowns and a Scottish cultural identity gone south.
While a focus on the influence of Borrow's amateur autoethnography largely supports Esty's hypothesis about an anthropological turn in England in the late 1930s, the eccentric and nuanced nationalism of Borrow's work provides a context for the ambivalence that Esty detects in the anglocentrism of Between the Acts.
Ultimately, Froula seeks to extricate the concept of civilization from its association with England's legacy of empire, reading Woolf's fascination with Richard Hakluyt's Voyages, for example, as evidence of the author's interest in foreign travel rather than a sign of her Anglocentrism.
Marmaduke Pickthall (18751936) had the fortitude to defend the Turks in the early twentieth century and Justice Syed Ameer Ali (1849-1928), who wrote A Short History of the Saracens and The Spirit of Islam, settled with his English wife in a manor house near Newbury, dedicating his life to a literary struggle to free the British of their Anglocentrism.
He chronicles a shift in homoerotic cartographies from the racialization and racism that dominated sexual identities during colonial and neocolonial periods to the anglocentrism of the nationalist period and early gay organizing to the multicultural globalizing present in which queer culture and space is being redefined by people of the First Nations and of south Chinese and south Asian heritages.
MacLeod hints that the idea of "postcolonial London" might be vaguely transgressive; after all, much postcolonial study has tried to loosen the grip of Anglocentrism, where London is implicitly or explicitly the political or cultural arbiter over a vast sphere of influence across the world.
Anglocentrism must not blind us to the importance of the wave of machine-breaking that took place in 1789-91.
These programs contribute to multilingualism through raising the status of community languages in Australia, challenging Anglocentrism and demonstrating to a wider audience that English is not the only possible vehicle for communication.
Pocock in 1975, who made the case for "a new subject" that might escape the Anglocentrism of "English history" and the narrow partisanship of "Irish history"--and, indeed, be more sensitive to culture and ideas than was the norm for political history in the mid-1970s.
The rise of Aboriginal history coincided with other social forces: the survival of Aboriginal peoples after their population dipped alarmingly in the early 20th century; the recognition of part-Aboriginal peoples as having an Aboriginal identity; the rise of a fairly liberal policy of multiculturalism which broke down somewhat the traditional Anglocentrism of Australian society; the flourishing of liberation movements after the 1970s; and the development of an infrastructure for funding in culture and the arts which facilitated an Aboriginal cultural renaissance.
The distaff lead of "Joe Egg," who hadn't been to New York since she was 15, has been amazed at the Anglocentrism of her category at the Tonys.
It is a long journey into the December night with a paper moon stuck to the sky, a journey I have longed to make since the time my Aunt Api used to read those fascinating Ukrainian fairytales to me back home in India when I was a child, the better to undercut the Anglocentrism of Mother Goose and my English private grammar school education.