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belief in the superiority of one's own ethnic group

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The same correlational analyses of DIBCT and DIBCT-I were conducted with advance theory multidimensional scores of the outer core earlier identified as Africentric and Anglocentric (sometimes called Eurocentric) which is a reverse index.
Such archipelagic models have resulted in our seeing Scottish, Welsh, Manx, and Cornish populations, and their associated peninsulas, coasts, and islands, less as peripheral sites of archaic, romanticized, or inherently distinct subcultures within a centripetal, Anglocentric Britishness and more as examples of an interactive history of diverse cultures played out across a shared island ecology and maritime economy.
Advocating the use of a broader archive of texts that record the variety and significance of women's travel--and here echoing Korda's emphasis on the counter-archive--Andrea reads English travel writing for acts of resistance that "unsettled the anglocentric discourse of empire" (148).
Furthermore, this underexplored tradition disrupts extant critical models of the Romantic national novel that cast Celtic Romantic literature as somehow complied in or readily appropriated by an Anglocentric British nationalist and imperialist cultural initiative.
A desk contains texts on the Nazis in Lithuania and chairs for serious readers to settle in, and British newspapers of the time present an anglocentric view of the progress of the war.
As I mentioned in last month's column, Alexandra, now 46, was born in England in 1969 and brought to Southern Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) when she was 3 years old by her Anglocentric parents who also farmed in Northern Rhodesia (Zambia) and Malawi.
As Emily Berquist has noted (2010:183), the historiography on Spanish anti-slavery and abolitionism has been dominated by Anglocentric paradigms and has largely focused on Cuba, limiting the scope to the nineteenth century.
But Stevens can be Anglocentric. He refers to the ancient word arg as shiny, like some metals.
By providing a corrective to narratives that ignored the Welsh presence, this work continues to use New British History as a way to rescue forgotten historical actors from the dominance of Anglocentric history.
The title of the present book, which appropriates the old Anglocentric moniker of "French and Indian War," is itself symptomatic of a work that is sadly rooted in outdated scholarship.
The 20 tonnes of original, Anglocentric material is currently in a specially built, air-conditioned and atmospherically controlled containment unit in Greenwich, London.
The chapters are arranged in roughly chronological order beginning with Gilgamesh and Genesis, and consider history and culture from an Anglocentric perspective.
This Anglocentric mindset ultimately underpinned Australia's entry into the First (Great) and Second World Wars, which remain to this day icons of Australia's national identity.
Chapter 3, 'Social Network Sites', and Chapter 4, 'Participation and User Created Content', trace current arguments on the nature of sociality, network and community in online environments, and highlight what the authors view as the Anglocentric nature of social network analysis and scholarship.
The book represents an Anglocentric narrowness which this reviewer does not find appropriate for the 21st Century and the idea of Existential Therapy as a truly international endeavour with a forthcoming world conference.