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belief in the superiority of one's own ethnic group

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Fagan's Scottish gothic writing unearths that which society renders invisible, focussing upon the care system from the perspective of someone within that system, rather than the Anglocentric hegemonic positioning of those outside of its parameters and, by doing so, she is also offering a socio-political comment upon the simulated reality of social conditioning.
In a text moving beyond an exclusively Anglocentric perspective on culture and cultural tourism, and linking cultural heritage and identity, Raj (Leeds Metropolitan U.
Rather than participating in an Anglocentric rewriting of a Celtic hero, the Gawain-poet returns to Britain's ethno-historical origins to undermine any political assertion of control over the lands and peoples permanently unsettled by Brutus's Trojan settlement).
In short, this study has the potential to empower students of modern Anglo-Irish writing and culture to respond to Kiberd's call for a linguistically and culturally "united Ireland," allowing us to realign whole areas of Irish studies relative to an early modern Gaelophone Ireland freed at last from the reductive anglocentric frames that we have inherited from Spenser and Swift on the one hand, and from the antiquarianists and Celticists whose work preserved but also reified so much of the Gaelophone literary inheritance.
Ngugi wa Thiong'o argument is that the more the critical temper of the African is influenced by the Anglocentric critical tradition, the more gradual they become, in the words of James Baldwin, "Black Westerners" (Baldwin qtd.
61) Clark's pathological hostility towards 'Yarraside' and the straighteners of the 'Protestant Ascendancy' complemented Turner's division of Australian society into an Anglocentric and greedy bourgeoisie, and a virtuous and radical proletariat.
The bright open illustrations showing some of the endless possibilities for picturing dads is primarily Anglocentric in its perspective with a nod in the direction of Aussie men.
To read her parody of vain, haughty and arrogant urbanites as a denunciation of her entire sex is thus to disregard the ways in which Hamilton's novel attempts to challenge an anglocentric model of femininity and thereby map regional women's location within the new spatial, temporal and cultural parameters of an expanding Empire.
Anglocentric and European civilisation in this literature was projected in elitist terms that persisted and made invisible "the loud and colourful outburst of creativity in music, oral lore, and the visual arts, emerging from the masses" (Fabian 1997: 19).
Anglocentric tendencies are unsurprising given that the earliest Baptists seem to have been English Separatists, yet Baptists emerged long ago beyond English and North American borders.
Indeed, at times the book has an unmistakably Britocentric feel (not Anglocentric, at least).
The perspective of these books is explicitly Anglocentric.
The first is that there has been a significant disjuncture in the regional literature between anglocentric local histories (Anon 1996; Gibbney 1989; James 2001; Johnson, F 1980; Pacey 1990, 2001a, 2001b; Pacey and Hoyer 1995; Prior 1991; Reynolds 1986; Stiskin 1983) and research that acknowledges Aboriginal people through historical investigations (Bickford 1981; Byrne 1984; Cameron 1987; Cruze et al.
6) In contrast, those groups fearing dilution of their Anglocentric vision of U.